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Claire Danes' Sexy Filmography

Movies this celebrity has appeared sexy or nude in...

year title
2005 Shopgirl 6 Reviews
2004 Stage Beauty 3 Reviews
1998 Polish Wedding 8 Reviews
1996 To Gillian on her 37th Birthday 9 Reviews
1996 Romeo + Juliet 4 Reviews

Claire Danes' Sexy TV Shows

TV Shows this celebrity has appeared sexy or nude in...

year title
2011 Homeland 0 Reviews

nudity reviews for Claire Danes member submitted

Homeland (2011)
Shopgirl (2005)
georgelloyd1 was written on May 30, 2012

Brief side nudity

At the very start of the movie, Danes walks past a window in a nightgown. We're viewing from outside and just as she's about to move out of sight, she slips off the gown and there is a split-second shot of her left side. You'd need to freeze the image and maybe zoom in to see anything (I saw it on cable, not DVD).

lattara was written on January 24, 2006

Beautiful behind

Claire is left alone by Steve Martin's character in his bedroom, when he returns she is already naked and lying face down on the bed. We see her in subdued but still sufficiently revealing lighting firstly from the foot of the bed in medium shot looking up her body and showcasing her very fine behind. The film then cuts to a side view which again shows the full length of her body and again shows off her bum.

(There are also several other near-nude scenes in the movie: - e.g. Claire in the bath but just covered by suds; Claire behind a frosted shower screen. There's also possibly a one or two frame flash near the start of the film as Claire shucks off a robe just as she walks out of shot. One to double-check upon the DVD release).

noned was written on January 28, 2006

Nude lying on stomach

Claire Danes has a sweet young ass

RealRedDevil was written on October 22, 2005

Bare Butt

Claire lies totally nude on a bed, face down, showing a great view of her butt.

TheOthers was written on June 27, 2007

Bare Butt

Danes is shown nude lying face down on a bed where we get a very nice view of her rear. Her buns look very nice and firm and the lighting is perfect. A must see for any fans of the actress.

Jeritits was written on January 2, 2007

Butt and Profile

Clair's ass may not be quite as tight as you might guess, but when Steve Martin’s character, Ray, returns to his bedroom and finds her facedown the total posterior view is there. There are other scenes in this film where Clair is in lingerie and she makes love with her bra on early on. The film is well done as well making it an enjoyable overall experience. IMHO this is a GREAT date movie to rent for a winter night ;-)

Stage Beauty (2004)
lattara was written on September 6, 2004

Two welcome breast views.

Two unexpected nude scenes for Claire, her first I believe.
She plays a 17th Century actress and in the first of the scenes, she is posing for a portrait artist who wants her to bare her breasts. She demurs saying "I want to be taken seriously as an actress." Her patron persuades her by saying that before anyone will take her seriously she has to get an audience. I like a spot of irony with my nudity. She pulls down one side of her bodice revealing one small pink-nippled breast - good light, medium shot - for a couple of seconds, before the camera cuts away to the entrance of another character, and when it cuts back to Claire there's another half-a-second of exposure before she hurriedly covers herself up.
Scene two is a love scene (of sorts) with Billy Crudup. Claire is wearing only a loose shift and when she moves on top, it hangs down at the front revealing her breasts in good light for a number of seconds. The shift is also pulled up around her waist, but the angle of view means we only get a side view of Claire's bum. Quite a sexy scene, even if only a small amount of nudity.

Two stars for the cumulative effect and because it's Claire's first (proper) nudity. Here's to many more.

slavedriver was written on May 6, 2005

It's about goddamn time!!!

I'd have to realistically give this One and a half stars.
She reveals one small sexy boob upon the request of her painter, but it's only for a couple seconds. The downblouse shot, when she's making out with the guy, is practically identical to the downblouse in Polish Wedding but better lit and you can actually see the full boob as she bends over. Also revealed is a side view of her ass at this time, as her gown goes up to her waist when she bends. Unfortunately, this doesn't develop into a sex scene.

bushyboy was written on May 16, 2015

OK tit views

About 1 second of her left tit when she bares it for the artist and another 1/2 second after the scene split. The bed scene towards the end shows her right tit when her shift drops down when she rolls on top. Nice lighting on the erect nipple!

Polish Wedding (1998)
draxter was written on March 7, 2000

tit flash

OH YES YES YES YES YES. You can clearly see her small perfect delicious breast as she bends over in her night gown. Perfect with a pause button. GLORIOUS

BushLeague was written on February 1, 2006

Don't get your hopes (or anything else) up

Barely 1/2*. A couple of shadowy, pointy 34a right nip peeks as she gets into bed. You can barely see her as it is.

Armando was written on May 25, 1999

She accidently exposes her breasts when bending over in her nightie.

This scene rates *** because it's accidental and probably this is going be as much as we see ofher. Also earlier on we see the side of her breast with nipple. Worth renting. And remembershe's only 18 when she made this movie!

Alphonse was written on July 8, 2001

one delightful breast in the moonlight

This scene is particularly cool because it is, arguably, a complete accident. Maybe a half hour or more into the movie, Claire enters a room and gets into bed. As she's doing this, the front of her night shirt hangs low enough to reveal a dimly-lit but clearly visible right breast and nipple. Very, very nice. Claire is super cute and a fine actress, but for those of you looking to see a bit more, this is recommended. As for any other nude scene in the movie, my vote is that there is no nipple visible in the previous scene, though a lot of Claire's breast can be seen.

Brokencake was written on December 21, 1999

Surprisingly Erotic

The scene with the nightie is really hot basically because you see her beautiful, young breast. It's dark and very brief, but it really is surprisingly arousing. As for the side of breast with nipple, are you guys talking about the scene immediately before in the grass? If so, you do see a little boob but any nipple shot is very brief.

Reggie was written on March 27, 1999

down her blouse and up her skirt

There are two good scenes in this movie. The firstis when Claire walks into her room wearing thislittle nighty and bends over her bed to pull downthe covers. When she bends over, you can clearlysee one of her little breasts. It's a little darkbut you can see her nipple. In another scene, Claire is getting up off the couch and there is agreat upskirt panty shot. This is probably the closest we'll ever get to seeing Claire nude. Andyou will most likely watch these clips many timesin slow motion.

HoundDog was written on October 28, 1999

making love outside

Around the same time we see a traffic light, we get a side view of her breast with nipple. Exciting and passionate!

rachaelleighcookrulz was written on April 20, 2001

Get ready to pause!!!

Hope you have quick fingers for pausing because if you blink you will miss it.You do get to see her bend down in a nightgown and you see her right breast (rather small) still a nice glimpse though. Not worth renting.

To Gillian on her 37th Birthday (1996)
draxter was written on March 7, 2000


Two stars because it's claire. Otherwise only one star. She does have a great body, and looks good in the bikini. that it's a thong and you can clearly see her ass is a double bonus. Plus it's a pretty good movie

[email protected] was written on February 13, 2002

Around the 40-minute mark, she walks on the beach wearing a thong and a skimpy top. Her father is so horrified by her outfit that he puts a towel over her shoulders.

But this is not nudity, although it is arousing. I guess one shouldn't expect nudity from an American actress under 18.

StevieY was written on July 23, 2000

nice butt

Great scene for ass lovers. Claire and Laurie Fortier are walking on the beach. They are seen from behind and their cute butts are clearly visible in the thong bikinis they have on. They stop to talk to a couple of guys and we see their behinds again. These girls are young and beautiful and their butts are visible pretty much throughout the entire scene.

BouncyTits was written on April 18, 2001

nice but no nudity

Though Claire is very much outshined by her more attractive young co-star, she holds her own. We see her pale body in a skimpy bikini and a nice center view of her rear end in a thong. No nudity though, and not too great. At least compared to the va-va-voom of her friend. Claire is ho-hum here. She's looked better in other places.

schlitz40 was written on September 20, 2001

Not Nude But Nice Butt Shot

Claire and her friend are walking down the beach both wearing thongs. You get a very nice view of both of their butts and Claire has a really nice ass, although its somewhat pale. Her friend has a really nice rear end too.

soulman was written on October 22, 2001

Thong Booty

Claire shows some thong booty in a beach scene with her friend. Claire's a real cutie with a nice little butt on her.

Bob H. was written on January 10, 1998

Walking down the beach in a thong bikini

It only gets 3 stars because she's in a thong, but it's Clare Danes! Pant pant! And she was only 17 at the time!

Gordon was written on September 14, 2000


Claire is on the beach wearing a thong bikini, so you get to see much of her buttcheeks. I do think that Claire Danes is a major hottie, but still this does not garner anything greater than 1 star.

trans-am-dude was written on March 5, 2000

in a thong

claire shows off her amazing ass in a thong as she walks down the beach with her friend.

Romeo + Juliet (1996)
Elv08 was written on September 27, 2001

some pubic

This is only seen with a pause button, but you can actually see her pubic hair when she gets pushed onto the bed.

Biko was written on August 23, 2000


This is funny !! Claire Danes is an actress who never wanted to show any nudity but ends up showing her body involontary .First there is the exellent thong bikini scene in To Gillian On Her 37Th Birthday then the great breast shot of Polish Wedding finally and very recently I’ve seen Romeo + Juliet on DVD and paused at the scene where she is thrown on the bed by her father played by Paul Sorvino andif you pause at the right moment I promise you that you can really see very clearly her butt and this was so great to me.I hope that one day Claire will really do a real nudity scene…It will be heaven for me…

Another_Reviewer was written on March 25, 2002

Nothing at all

Elv08 is completely lying. You cannot see any pubes. Maybe he was trying to see something too hard and faked himself into seeing something that does not exist. I gave one star, because you can still see how hot she is.

htr was written on January 27, 1999

Some skin

No real nudity but she shows quite a bit of skin during the love scene with DiCaprio (she's naked, so why does he just feel her back?!) but some fancy camerawork skillfully blocks out her breasts.There is also a shot of alot of thigh when Paul Sorvino knocks her over that is clearly unintentional.The movie however is brilliant.

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