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year title
2004 Whole Ten Yards, The 1 Review
2000 Whole Nine Yards, The 2 Reviews
2000 Unbreakable 1 Review
1999 Story of Us, The 6 Reviews
1996 Last Man Standing 2 Reviews
1995 Twelve Monkeys 8 Reviews
1994 Pulp Fiction 8 Reviews
1994 Color of Night 25 Reviews

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Whole Ten Yards, The (2004)
drowninginyou was written on February 22, 2006

brief butt

Bruce Willis wakes up in bed with Matthew Perry, as he gets out of bed you see his butt very quickly. He stays naked for a while but you only see his butt as he gets out of the bed. I wish he showed it a few more times, it still looks good for his age.

Whole Nine Yards, The (2000)
scanman was written on August 19, 2004

The other reviewer is wrong

The Willis/Perry scene is from The whole ten yards, not this one!

Nickkkkk was written on August 16, 2004

Waking up in bed with Matthew Perry

After both are drunk the night before, Oz (Matthew Perry) and Jimmy (Bruce Willis) wake up in bed together the next morning (with the latter snuggling with the former until he realizes who he's in bed with). Oz states that he wants to know what happened and asks, "Why does my ass hurt?" Jimmy states that Oz fell down the stairs (but Oz later discovers -- to his horror -- that there are no stairs anywhere around them). Jimmy then gets out of bed and we see his bare butt as he walks away from the camera. He then jokingly tells Strabo, "Just like C-block, huh Strabo?" We then see part of one butt cheek and then a lower torso and up frontal shot of Jimmy (his crotch is just out of the shot) as he exits and then returns to the motel room fully nude. We then realize that Oz was also nude in bed with him (he has just the bed sheets around him).

Unbreakable (2000)
babon was written on July 11, 2001

Butt Crack

You get to see Bruce's butt crack when he is in the shower. This is scene is not a part of the film, but is in the deleted scenes in the DVD.

Story of Us, The (1999)
Ryan was written on November 14, 1999

Brief buns running up stairs

Bruce is about to make love with his on screen wife Michelle Pfieffer in their kitchen when she remembers they forgot to set out tooth fairy money for their son. He then starts to run upstairs but she reminds him that he's nude and throws him an apron. He puts it on and then runs up the stairs where we briefly see his buns. Bruce has done far better nude scenes but if you're a fan it's probably interesting to check out on video with slow motion and freeze frame.

bmg was written on December 15, 1999

First movie to show off his hairy ass

Why is his butt all nice and smoothly shaven in all of his other movies? It's not even a close-up in this movie, but you can see lots of hair/fuzz. A treat if you're into that sort of thing.

hickeyfan was written on June 7, 2013


Shows his butt when he hurries up the stairs. A nice movie to watch

Ebert311 was written on June 2, 2000

Rear Nudity for about 5 seconds

Geez, for my first review it has to be a guy. Bruce Willis indeed shows off his butt about 24 minutes into the movie. An interesting fact is that the movie scene was one of the final scenes shot in the movie because Bruce Willis wanted time to get his butt 'camera ready'

whateva was written on July 19, 2004


it was... different

moviestuff was written on July 28, 2003

what a hairy ass!!!


Last Man Standing (1996)
demonluver was written on March 8, 2005

Nude after sex scene

This scene would be great if it wasnt so dark. After having sex with a hook, Bruce gets attacked by a few thugs. After they run away, he gets up and there is a very dark shot of his rear bent over, so the shadow of his balls hanging between his legs is seen as well, he then runs to the door and we see his naked butt in a bit better light, but still not that great. 3 stars

murray was written on September 20, 1998

Several nude scenes

You'll need your pause button for this one, and if you find Willis attractive it's well worth checking out nonetheless. The best scene is a close-up of his backside as he's crawling off the floor. It's mainly a silhouette but you clearly see his balls hanging down between his legs in several frames. There's also a bathtub scene which seems to show nothing, but there are some frames where it appears you can see a portion of Willis' penis.

Twelve Monkeys (1995)
demonluver was written on March 8, 2005

A couple of rear scenes, maybe a frontal

There are a few naked butt shots in this movie, one where he is being hosed down after returning from exploring the plague infested world of the future. He stands naked as some guys blast him with a hose and scrub him down with brushes. Another in a similar scene where he's getting washed down before going into a mental institution, there is a good shot of his butt. Also in another scene when he is sent to the future, there is a scene with a few quick rear shots and a (possible) quick, distant frontal, but there is alot of quick cuts and action going on (he arrives in the middle of a war scene) in this scene so it can probably be best enjoyed only on dvd.

bmg was written on November 28, 1999

Several nude scenes throughout first half - including clear frontal

Aside from the two shower scenes (which occur at the 08:30 and 16:00 mark in the film), there is one scene less than four minutes into the movie in which Bruce is wearing only a tight latex body suit (which kind of looks like a condom). Nothing is seen, but there is a pretty good side view.Next, at the 42:00 mark, he is lying in a plastic tube waiting to be ejected into the past. Here, all he is wearing is a black pouch over his croch - several partial rear shots, not bad.Finally - the best of all - at the 44:30 mark, he is mistakenly sent into a major war battle. He is completely nude and we see several side and butt shots. The surprise comes when he turns to reach for his friend Jose. When he does this there is unmistakeable penis shown swinging between his legs! The lighting is great and the scene is even better when played in slowmo. Not as close up as in Color of Night, but really good nonetheless.

Guiseppe was written on September 2, 2007

Some shot of the spectacular nude-Bruce

Bruce Willis is one hot daddy. Even when he's not looking at his best or you can tell he's aging, his body seems to shine through. In this sci-fi thriller set in a post-apocyliptic world, Willis plays a detainee who is sent on a mission to stop a disease from wiping out part of the civilization. In the first 5 minutes, we are given flesh of Willis's. Bruce is brought into a large shower chamber where he is being sprayed with a hose and lathered with soap. We get to see his chiseled buns soaped up and dripping from the downflow of water cascading over him. Then comes nude scene number two. Bruce is being showered over once again but this time it is a clear, wholesome shot of his butt. The camera slowly moves closer and closer towards his wet bubble butt until we are face to face with Bruce's ass for a quick second or two. Then comes the third and final nude scene. Bruce is teleported to a war from years past, but the catch is, he's been teleported in the nude. We get some side glances at his ass(nothing to spectacular.) But then Bruce is startled and trys to get up where we get the briefest view of his endowment. His dick looks HUGE and meaty, dropping over his hairless balls casually. He then gets up and we get a quick view of his ass as he's running away. I wish there were more lingering shots of Bruce's world-winning body, but unfortunately, this is all we get.

murray was written on September 20, 1998

Willis' backside during hose-downs

Willis looks pretty good in this movie and you'll see his backside in at least two different scenes as he's being hosed down.

babon was written on February 19, 2000


being hosed

atomic was written on July 14, 2003

ass and his cock

very very sexy scenes of Bruces body and later you can see his penis. His cock is middle size but it looks great.

moviestuff was written on July 28, 2003

ass and cock

pretty good for an old man

dvddish was written on March 31, 2003

butt shots and brief frontal

he has a couple of scenes but mosly his ass

Pulp Fiction (1994)
atomic was written on July 14, 2003

very brief dick scene

You can clearly see his cock but the scene is very brief if you want to see Bruce's dick good watch 12 monkeys.

bmg was written on November 28, 1999

Penis visible when he gets out of shower and again when he gets up off toilet

When he gets out of the shower (1:21:00 into the movie) he takes the towel and quickly covers his waist. As he's about to sit on the toilet, he pulls the towel to his head and for barely one second we get a good glimpse of his penis. About one minute later he gets up and, before he can wrap the towel around his waist again, we get another good glimpse.Neither is very clear or well-lit, but much better than your average male frontal nudity.

demonluver was written on March 10, 2005

Brief frontal in shower

When Bruce (playing a boxer, Butch) gets out of the shower in a hotel room he takes a towel and covers himself, but before he sits down to dry himself off he lifts the towel a bit and we get a split second frontal shot, but its really dark so you cant make anything out. Then he stands up again and there is another quick shot, but its slightly blocked by the towel. Not very good, try Color of Night if you want some real Bruce nudity

murray was written on September 20, 1998

nude scene

Willis doesn't look as good in this movie as he does in the others listed on this page. You do see his backside and a sideshot after he gets out of the shower, but i didn't find either particulary exciting, especially compared to Willis' nudity in other films.

A.non was written on November 6, 1998

As Bruce stands up

The scene after Willis has a shower, he sits down with a towel and just as he stands up, for a brief moment, there is a shot of his balls hanging behind the towel, it is incredibly quick, but if you can pause it, you can sure see something

Serena was written on November 26, 1998

Shower Scene

I recently saw a version of Pulp Fiction which was different to the one which is in the U.S.A, there are several new scenes, but what a friend picked out was the shower scene in which Bruce stands up and for about 5 seconds and if paused very slowly, his penis is visable first and I must say, that is meaty, but that's not all, there is also a clear shot, not as blurred as his dick, but a clear shot of his large testicles hanging behind and they're pretty furry, well atleast from this view. Not much, but well worth it for die HARD fans

moviestuff was written on July 28, 2003

brief cock scene


babon was written on March 2, 2000

visible penis

catch it on dvd

Color of Night (1994)
Eisbaer was written on February 17, 2005

What shower scene?

Despite claims made here, I haven't been able to find this famous shower scene on any director's cut, either dvd or vhs. The extra stuff is all in the pool. Willis's willie is okay -- mainly interesting for Willis fans (those dimples!) but nowhere nearly worth all the fuss.

Shower -- zero
Pool --- two stars but four stars for Willis-mania

demonluver was written on March 8, 2005

Full monty

The definative scene for Bruce. He is nude a few times in this movie. The first (and best scene) being where he falls into a pool and has sex. The girl pulls off his shorts (shot from under the water) and we see his great naked ass. The camera switches angles and he turns slightly and there is a very quick moment where his thick, circumsized penis floats up and back down (all the while, from the side so we still see his hot butt.) In the un-rated version of the movie there is an additional shot where the girl kisses down his body (shot from underwater as well) and his penis floats up again, this time the camera is pretty close up so we get a great look at his penis head (also, it shows his face before the camera pans down so we know its him.) throughout the movie there are several other rear and frontal shots, but the pool scene is the best. A must for Bruce fans!

franvi99 was written on October 19, 2002

bruce in swimming pool

I believe bruce has done maximum exposure he could do in the swimming pool scene. His grey penis just floats in water and nothing can be as sexiting as this.

billyblue80 was written on July 16, 2008

Color of Night's pool scene

I have to say I always have to rewind this scene whenever I watch the DVD. Bruce has the nicest ass I've ever seen and its pastiness against his tan body makes him even yummier. Also, great penis head on the dude too. Wish I could see more....

billyblue80 was written on July 16, 2008

VHS pan and scan version

In the standard non-widescreen version you can see Bruce's balls dangling as he gets up to go shower after his conversation with Jane March by the pool when he tells her about one of his patients being murdered. He gets up with a towel around his waste and the camera gets a clear view up the towel and his balls are visible for a second.

Demi was written on September 18, 1998

Bruce turning the shower tap on with frontal nudity

However short the scene is, it is the best nude scene of Bruce by far, it is so short in fact (the scene, not Big Bruce) that when I pause, I still don't capture it clearly but you can see everything, everything. Oh, he is absolutely delicious. I'll rent that movie again and again. I would have rated the scene 4 stars if only it were longer (the scene, not Big Bruce).

murray was written on September 20, 1998

Several nude scenes

If you find Willis attractive, this movie is a goldmine. It includes two scenes showing his penis - one underwater, one the tip of his penis below his towel as he's getting off a lounge chair, the outline of his penis in his jeans as he's walking in several scenes (clearly without underwear), and some butt shots which were the best I've seen of him.

anonymous, Italy was written on September 30, 1998

Frontal shots

I have to add another shot of Willis' dick: at the end of the love underwater scene, Bruce and Jane Marsh are making love while showering, and yust before the scene fades off, we can clearly see a brief and quite fogged bur very clear shot of his semi-hard dick.

ehhh was written on May 25, 2002

bruces dick

the scene should be longer, but while having sex, bruce does reveal his very nice penis. u can see it bobbing in the water while having his legs kissed. it would be **** if the scene were longer and there were a better shot of the goods on bruce.

Cobain was written on May 7, 1999

In the Pool, Shower and outside the House

This nudescene are one of the best nudescene I ever seen. first you can see Bruce compleately naked underwater, you can see he`s penis for a short second twice, then you can see many other nudescene wich is also great, but my favourite is the one when he is alone in the shower, you can see he`s pubic hair and maybe hes penis but its a kind of shadow there so, but hes ass is defentley there. This is the hottest american nudescene ever YOU GOTTA SEE IT.

Violet was written on February 6, 2001

We see Bruce Willis' willy

Great nude scene for Willis.
The extended, unrated version, which is easily rentable shows a full frontal of Bruce Willis!
Willis falls into a pool with sexy siren, Jane March, who then proceeds to remove his shorts. To our surprize he isn't wearing any underwear and out SPRINGS his thick circumcised penis! GREAT SHOT! Excellent for freeze framing. Plenty of ass shots as well. Also shots of his black patch of pubic hair swaying in the water.
He has NOTHING to be embarrassed about. He has a nice sized, thick penis. (Never erect, although it might be semi-erect.) His penis head is something to reckon with!
We are also treated to quick glances in the shower scene, but it is too steamy to tell.
All in all Bruce is a knock out, showing the world his goods, but what took him so long, especially the fact he has NOTHING to hide!

babon was written on March 2, 2000


close up in freeze frame in director's cut of penis in pool, butt, also balls below towel

Guiseppe was written on June 18, 2007

Why couldn't their be more!!

I hear in the European version we see more flesh of Willis. In the American version we see his naked body exposed underwater. His firm and bubble buttock are shown for a few seconds underwater. During this same seen, we see the tip of his penis float into frame. Later on he is taking a shower in which we see the upper half of his buttock. Now in the European version i am told that this scene shows his whole buttock and penis. GOD WHY DO THE EUROPEANS HAVE MORE LIBERTIES!!

hickeyfan was written on June 7, 2013

Nothing in the shower

Could see nothing in the shower, except the top of his butt. And in bed, he shows part of his butt, and his pubes when hes tied. And his wily - yes, in the pool.

MovieCritic2001 was written on November 17, 2001

The entire love scene sequence

Willis falls in the pool with March and they start to go at it. She goes under water kissing his thigh and you can see his penis clearly floating around. You also see his butt as he is pumping her in the pool, shower, and on the table.

cosme2004 was written on December 27, 2004

a very hot scene in the pool

you can see Willis his penis

dralx was written on January 13, 2006

Big Bruce?! Big He Ain't

In a scene in the pool, Bruce's girlfriend dives down to gaze at his penis. Embarrassingly, the filmmakers decided to show it. It is brief, but it should never have even happened. Bruce is unattractive in this film and his semi-turgid bulb bobbing up and down does not make this movie worth seeing.

remydrew_XO was written on February 6, 2008


Ok, for all you Willis' willy Fans. I have long been a fan of color of night the R1 Director's cut edition ever since it came out on VHS. For those of you with certain resources get the R2 (UK) version. VHS or DVD either one would work just as long as the DVD is Full frame, which I think they all are. You will see his penis coming up when Jane march goes down in the pool, and you will see him completely nude when he turns on the shower. You also see a difference in editing for the nude scenes. Trust me all the other scenes from the R1 release are there and those extra ones.

JohnnyWad was written on July 13, 2001

Rear and frontal

As stated above, there are many great scenes of his ass in the shower scene, a bit of his penis in the first sex scene in the pool (underwater makes it harder to see), but I have yet to see the penis shot in the end of the scene when Jane March's face is moving dow the front of him. There is, however,a great unexpected shot of his balls as he gets up from a lawn chair wearing only a towel -- great because clearly Willis didn't know he was showing them to us. For pubic hair aficionados, there is very little bush to be seen -- usually about the only "frontal" most male actors will show.

freakoen was written on July 26, 2000


i guess the best thing bruce could have reached, After all, i bet demi's a bit disappointed with this. Well, with a girl like jane, anyone cld ask a piece of her. Nice bruce, just needed some erection i guess

atomic was written on July 14, 2003


You can see his body and cock very good but his body looks better in pulp fiction & 12 monkeys but this movie shows his middle sized penis. More actors should show there dicks like this.

betty was written on October 22, 1998

shower scene, director's cut

In this you see him slowly start to rise until he is totally hard. Then he starts masturbating and you actually see him ejaculate!

hornyhornyhorny was written on August 8, 2007


i'm not gay but when i saw how thick his cock is it made me wanna suck on it

marigmd was written on May 14, 2003

Bruce nude in the pool

Oh what a wonderful man !!!

Bruce is perfect!

antifen was written on September 12, 2002

nude in a pool


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