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year title
2004 Troy 8 Reviews
2001 Mexican, The 2 Reviews
1999 Fight Club 3 Reviews
1995 Twelve Monkeys 17 Reviews
1994 Legends of the Fall 3 Reviews
1994 Favor, The 1 Review
1993 Kalifornia 2 Reviews
1991 Thelma & Louise 2 Reviews
1991 Johnny Suede 4 Reviews

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Troy (2004)
mcjw2011 was written on March 27, 2008

As described above

As the previous reviews have described - Pitt has three nude scenes (nothing is added in the director's cut, maybe the angles are changed slightly to allow more nudity). The scenes are done in good lighting, his face is in the same shot as his butt and he looks good. But like with Diane Kruger's added nude scenes in the director's cut, I expected a lot more. In terms of exposure it's a three-star rating but I'm feeling ambivalent about it. Just rent it.

misty_rose was written on December 23, 2004

Side shots

There are two instances of nudity that we can see, and then two more where he's in the buff but we don't see much. The first appears in the beginning of the film, when a boy walks into his hut to see him laying in bed with two women. He's sleeping on his front and we get a view of his whole body from the side, showing one of his very refined butt cheeks. In a close-up shot from the waist-up, if you look very closely the top of his crack is visible to the left of the screen (this probably calls for some DVD freeze-frame). The second time he gets nude is after a battle. He goes into his hut and takes off all of his armor, so we can see his muscled body covered in sweat and dirt, before stripping completely (though he does it in the background of a shot which focuses on Rose Byrne) to rinse himself off. As he takes off the last of it, you can briefly see the upper half of his left cheek and a possibly half-moon before the shot changes. The remainder of the scene, he is filmed waist-up, though you can somewhat see the tops of his pubes at times. The third instance, he turns over to have sex and there's a clear side-view of his well-rounded ass (and noticable lack of tan line), which lasts for a fair amount of time as he pulls up her dress. There are two more shots from the same angle, one zoomed in a little bit. Later on, there is a shot of both him and her laying in bed together, with only her covered in the blanket, though he has used it to cover his goods. However, the shot is close-up so his ass is cut off from it and all we see at most is his thigh and hip. Nudity aside, if you like seeing Brad skin in general, see this movie...Pitt's body is sculpted to perfection, and his buffed up arms and legs are always bare for us to see.

nikrules87 was written on June 4, 2007

Nude Scenes

There are 2 scenes that i remember that brad is nude in.In the beginning a boy walks into brad's tent and find brad asleep and nude with two women.In another scene a woman (forget her name) puts a knife to his throat she doesn't do anything and brad pulls her onto the bed and has sex with her.We see his ass but aside from these two scenes i think thats about it.

tushlover was written on May 23, 2006

Brad's 3 "nude" scenes

If you go see or rent this movie just for Brad's so-called nude scenes you are going to be disappointed. You don't even see a part of his butt crack. You only see bare hips and, in one scene, a part of a butt cheek.

I was really disappointed.

Likeshangers was written on October 28, 2005

Nude Scenes

Loved the movie and even the only semi nude scenes.Brad must've worked out heavily for this movie because his body is spectacular in it and looks better than it ever has before.It was sad though,that as nonchalant as his nudity was in the tent with Persaus,that he did'nt turn to show off his swinging DICK and BALLS like Colin did in Alexander.Come on Brad let's see some flopping sausage and heavy hanging BALLS between your legs!!

Electrix was written on April 7, 2007

2 scenes - going out of the bed; 1 scene - changing clothes.

The are three scenes of naked Bras or 'Achilles'.
In the beggining of the movie, a boy come and calls Brad, he is still in bed. The camera shows the side of his ass and his body,and his hips. It's a great scene, of course, Not show much, but it's worth.
After a battle he change his clothes and have a very (very!) quick shot of his entire ass. I have to say, 'it's good!'. And, principally, show his shirtless moment. He shows a very hot body, as well as in the most part of his movies. He has perfect legs, The chest is a little small, but is muscular as well as the abdome (belly).
The third scene, he is with a girl in the battlefield. After a night of sex, still in bed, you can see the side oh his ass and body, as well as the beggining of the movie.
For the majority of people, the nude scenes is not so good, but, it's Brad! The aren't totally explicit scenes, but the scenes are intense sometimes. It's worth.

cali44938 was written on September 16, 2006

Beautiful Side Butt

Definitely the most impressive, delicious, ass in showbiz. And it's only from the side. It's a beautiful bubble butt. I would've given it four stars, but since it's only from the side, it's not worth it. If it was a full ass shot, it would've been too good.

Derek was written on May 17, 2004


Three times in this movie Pitt's shapely ass is shown nude from the side: once after lovemaking, once after lovemaking and once after washing off after battle. He looks great but the scenes could have offered so much more. Now that he's turned 40 let's hope he offers a fuller view before his figure is a relic of the past.

Mexican, The (2001)
Mattg was written on April 3, 2001

Not much, just the top of butt

Near the beginning, we see Brad's oh-so-gorgeous bare back and just the top of his bare butt as he sits on the edge of the bed where Julia Roberts sleeps on the other side.

mcjw2011 was written on March 11, 2003

Top of butt near beginning - not much

The rampantly sexy Brad Pitt is seen nude from the side near the beginning of this deadly dull road picture. We see his bare back and the top of his nice butt... rent "12 Monkeys" to see the rest of Brad's butt. For you die-hard Brad fans (or lovers of great male nudity), here is the url for the site that houses the infamous scans of Brad Pitt's nude pictoral from 1997 Playgirl (cut and paste):


The scans also feature two pics of a nude Brad with what looks like to be the nude form of then-girlfriend Gwyneth Paltrow... just go and you'll know what I'm talking about. :-)

Fight Club (1999)
yowza was written on October 19, 1999

Not much nudity

Although there are no long nude shots in the movie, Pitt's character always wears his pants hanging low on his hips, revealing a nice pelvic area and the rounding above his ass. Once or twice it seems like you might actually see the crack of his ass. At one point he opens the bedroom door in the nude (after some really loud lovemaking) and you can see his pubic hair, but no penis. There's a quick male butt shot during a stylized love scene, but it's not clear if it's Pitt's or Norton's (you have to see the movie to understand) without a pause button.

Movies4787 was written on May 6, 2002

No real nudity but still good

Even though there was no nudity, it was still good. Sometimes it is better when you can see him almost nude the whole movie and hear him having wild, wild sex.

vanduong was written on September 27, 2002

No real nudity but still good

really make me interested when seeing him in nude

Twelve Monkeys (1995)
cythera4 was written on October 21, 2005

bushy asscrack

Brad shows his fine young ass by pulling down his pants and bending over. His cheeks spread, and though it's a dark scene, you can see right into his crack. There's a bushy rainforest of brown curly hair in there, man. Beauty!

HAHE was written on December 23, 1997



julie was written on May 22, 1998

in the mental hospital

It's a quickie, but it's Brad Pitt! Yum!

WhisperWantsBrad was written on July 10, 1998


He plays a nutcase...butt the butt makes up for it all!!

Gas was written on September 11, 1998

when he was jumping from the bed

His exellent ass

Razz was written on December 6, 2001


He can be standing on his head spitting knickles and still be sexy in any scene

murray was written on September 22, 1998

night scene

Pitt shows his moon during a scene with Bruce Willis at night in the institution. It's very funny, looks fine (as you'd expect), and his fans will love it. For those who aren't fans, i think it's a 2-star scene.

Bootydaddy was written on December 6, 2001

just rented this

You see his ass while jumping around in the nut house, only to be viewed by queers (or ladies)..otherwise it just gets in the way of the movie, which is pretty weird.

jrcpoet was written on December 7, 2001

in hospital

Well, Bootydaddy's reference to this being just for "queers" is totally inappropriate and rude, so I won't comment further.
It's not the best nude scene, but it isn't horrible. Definitely worth a look. And yes, the movie is a little weird, but it's a Terry Gilliam movie, so you have to remember to expect eccentricity.

Guiseppe was written on July 4, 2007

Full Moon

All the other Brad Pitt movies I've seen that have said that he appears nude, let's down greatly. This is because usually, such as in Troy, he shows a sideview of his ass. Maybe I'm just not looking close enough or i should where my glasses more often. But here, in 12 Monkeys, he gives us his best rearshot. During a scene where he is chatting with bruce willlis, a bunch of PyscheWard bodyguards enter. Brad Pitt goofily pulls down his pants and gives us a full on moon of his shapely behind before jumping on random beds and giving sideviews of his nice botomm.

CharmedBoy was written on January 31, 2006

Nice ass

You can see his ass when he's jumping on a bed for about 40 sec. Love the scene.

mcjw2011 was written on March 10, 2003

Brief buns

The incredibly sexy Brad Pitt moons the mental faculty staff in protest in this very weird sci-fi film. Too brief... see the scans of the 1997 paparazzi nude pics from Thailand to see ALL of Brad in his nude glory. His other nude scenes in movies cheat us fans of what Brad REALLY has under those sexy pants of his. This scene is decent considering an A-list star like him is actually willing to show.

moviestuff was written on July 28, 2003

nice ass and balls

a well deserved four star ass

babon was written on February 19, 2000

jumping on the bed


Mattg was written on April 8, 2002

Great ass

Thank you, Brad, for a great look at your ass. He yanks down his undies in protest while in the mental hospital at night. No one can deny how great a bubble butt Bradley has. I just want to comment on Bootydaddy's review of this nude performance and his pejorative use of the word, "queer." If I had said that Halle Berry's nudity in Monster's Ball was good if you're a "nigger," would that have been inappropriate?

tushlover was written on September 12, 2007

Brad's ass scene

The only complaint I had was that the scene was over pretty quickly. Pitt has a great ass, and it was clearly shown in the one scene, though maybe for 2 seconds. Or at least he did have a great ass in his younger days.

This movie is on cable TV a lot, but usually on stations [like USA] which don't show nudity. You have to obtain the DVD to really appreciate the scene.

tushlover was written on September 12, 2007

Brad's ass scene

The only complaint I had was that the scene was over pretty quickly. Pitt has a great ass, and it was clearly shown in the one scene, though maybe for 2 seconds. Or at least he did have a great ass in his younger days.

This movie is on cable TV a lot, but usually on stations [like USA] which don't show nudity. You have to obtain the DVD to really appreciate the scene.

Legends of the Fall (1994)
Aimee was written on November 16, 1998

Love scene

Excellent shot of his butt! Very, very nice.

Miss Sympson was written on January 7, 1999

when he was having sex with the indian girl

he does not have a beautiful.... body,well,ass,but he's kissing just...wonderfull!PERFECT!I wish I was at herplace...........wow!!

Me was written on February 22, 1999

Many hot scenes

Hi is not only sweet,sexy,beautyful.... NO!!!HE HAS A VERY VERY VERY NICE ASS TOO!!!!

Favor, The (1994)
Werewolf was written on October 7, 1998


His ass is shown as he pullshis jeans up.Way too brief and dark.

Kalifornia (1993)
Fling was written on November 16, 2003


At 21:10 of the unrated version, Brad Pitt stands naked above the hole, his backside to the camera. It is dark, so this could be a stuntman.

simonx was written on October 1, 1998

digging a hole

Very disappointing scene. He digs a hole for his dead landlord while butt naked. It is in the night though and we don't really get to see a lot. Very dark.

Thelma & Louise (1991)
casdious was written on January 12, 2005

Sex with Thelma (Geena Davis)

You only see his ass, as always, but it's a young Brad Pitt and although he looks good now... he looked great then too!

tushlover was written on November 4, 2007

Bdad's supposed butt shot reviewed earlier

The reviewer needs to re-watch the movie, unless he saw an undated enhanced DVD that had "extras"

I saw this movie on cable TV tonight. November 2007. The supposed butt shot of Brad was fuzzy, dark and lasted one second at best. The full butt wasn't even in view. There was no way of knowing that it was even him. Just another "tease" so that people will rent or buy the movie.

Don't waste your time. Giving in one star was even a stretch by me.

Johnny Suede (1991)
Anonymous was written on August 21, 1998

butt cleavage only

butt cleavage only

Marie was written on December 5, 1998

His beautiful ass

His beautiful bottom

peanut was written on July 8, 1999

body shot

god bless his mama

misty_rose was written on December 22, 2004

Underwear only

Brad is a marvel to look at, even with that crazy hairdo he sports here, even if he's unquestionably a good deal more scrawny than he is now. In this film he spends a couple scenes in nothing but his underwear, and in one of them he walks into the room with his hand in them, grabbing his crotch. Some butt cleavage is also slightly visible through his underwear. Another shot is directly behind him as he writes something on the wall, with his underwear hanging low at the hips and we can just see the very top of his butt-crack.

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