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Basic Instinct's Sexy Actresses

Actresses appearing nude or sexy in this ...

Tripplehorn, Jeanne 19 Reviews
Stone, Sharon 29 Reviews
McKamy, Kim 1 Review
Gere, Ashlyn 1 Review

Basic Instinct's Sexy Actors

Actors appearing nude or sexy in this ...

Douglas, Michael 7 Reviews
Cable, Bill 3 Reviews

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Jeanne Tripplehorn
Horrorluvr was written on October 4, 2001

Really hot scene; GREAT body

If you haven't seen this movie in a while, you have to watch it again. Forget Sharon Stone for a while and check out Ms. Tripplehorn. What a honey. She has great tits and a sweet ass. The scene is a good 4 or 5 minutes and you get to see her hot and bothered for all of those.

ny was written on January 1, 2005

Her hot scene

Although she has one nude scene with Michael Douglas, it is something to watch. She has a wonderful body.

kimberlyely was written on January 15, 2002

beautiful breast

I have to give this three stars even though Jenny only has one nude scene,when Micheal Douglas throws her against the wall and rips her shirt off, you knowher breasts are going to be spectacular even before her slips the bra up over them.Then after he makes love to her she sets up in bed and her beautiful tits hang down and present a great shot of her lovely areolas and nipples.Hope to see more of them in the future!

quivera was written on July 8, 2000

Passion of Michael Douglas for Jeanne Tripplehorn

To watch Michael Douglas with Jeanne Tripplehorn over the couch required very little acting on his part. It is obvious that Tripplehorn can excite the animal in any man. The lust of a man for a woman in this scene is unforgettable and will go down as the ultimate excitable sequence in this movie. Jeanne makes Sharon Stone look like an old maid in this scene!

Gordon was written on June 7, 2000

Frantic, steamy sex scene

Jeanee plays the main character's (Michael Douglas) girlfriend. They end up at her place in one scene, and he's so horny that he rips her shirt off, feels her up, and bangs her while she's bending over her couch. The scene is pretty graphic, and the sex is hard and primal. He gets her screaming and moaning as he pounds her. You get good looks at her nice breasts and butt, and you can even see her bush. A little better lighting would have been nice, but this is still a great scene, especially if you watch the director's cut.

BushLeague was written on May 4, 2002

Pussy lips in "rape" scene

In the unrated version, Mike Douglas is so hot from seeing Sharon Stone, that when he encounters Jeanne he rips off her panties and in the un-rated version, you see her pussy lips from the rear. Also, it is obvious in the X-rated version that he is performing anal sex(non-explicit).

thePirate was written on August 17, 2002

Wham! Bam!

I saw - and bought - the European version of the director's cut. A better movie in every way. The Sharon Stone scenes no longer suffer from edited darkness. You can see she is a natural blonde, with the nice honey bush you'd expect. The sex with Michael Douglas is very hot, and the places you wish they'd continue in the regular edition are continued here. And are they ever! The scene with Douglas and Jeanne Tripplehorn is amazing. In this version, you would be 'hard' pressed to not believe he really is taking her in back - and that not only is he inside, but that Jeanne really digs! The heat and passion and desire and lust leap off the screen in a display of sexual fire that seems must be real. There are some moments where Mike's equipment is visible, and you get a lot of Sharon, but in the Euro director's cut, you get the added bonus of Jeanne T's nether lips... When she gets bent over the chair, you see what he's aiming for very clearly.
It could only be better if we had a split screen (pun intended) with Sharon's V on one side and Jeanne's V on the other... Vive la difference!

StevieY was written on August 24, 2000

sexy brunette

I wish I could have been Michael Douglas in this movie. Not only for the sex scenes with Sharon Stone, but his hot scene with Jeanne Tripplehorn. He comes home and rips her clothes off and they have sex. Jeanne is a beautiful girl and her fine body is shown in all its naked glory. Nice rear end and lovely tits.

soulman was written on October 12, 2001

Sexy Jeanne

Although Sharon got most of the press, Jaenne was pretty hot in this movie too. But she gets only *** because she appears nude in one scene where she is being ravished by Douglas (is this the luckiest S.O.B. in Hollywood, or what?) as he tears off her blouse and underwear showing tits, ass, and bush. As far as I know this is her only nude scene to date. What a shame.

beefcake was written on August 24, 2000

rough sex

In a very rough sex scene which almost seems like rape, Jeanne shows off her nice cans. You get a good long close-up of her beautiful boobies. She kinda steals the spotlight for a moment from Sharon.

Luvmonk was written on November 5, 2002

Great Rough Sex with Michael Douglas

She's hot. Why hasn't she shown more in other movies? Mike rips open her blouse, exposing her excellent tits. He then bends her over the couch, lifts her skirt, and tears her panties in two as he attempts to give it to her from behind. Very hot scene. She then shows her tits again after the sex as she gets up.

Heat was written on November 20, 1998

Wild sex

Michael Douglas is suffering to prevent himself from getting involved with Sharon Stone, when he sees his girlfriend Jeanne Tripplehorn in a restaurant he kisses her madly in public, she takes him to her place, he starts to rip her clothes, squeeze her breasts, bend her over a large chair (nice view of her white naked butt), have sex with her very aggressively, after, you can see her walk around with her both tits and black hairy pussy clearly visible.

Winchester was written on December 22, 1999

Having sex

Yeh... As the other reviewer have said, see the Director's cut (Overseas version) of this movie if you can. Jeanne is almost raped by Douglas in a high-voltage sex scene. her nice breasts are visible most of time and the darkess between her legs exposed when Curran pulls up her skirt seems to be her pubic hair. This is a amazing movie and Jeanne is one of the hottest features of ever... you 'll understand why Douglas was turned into a sex-addict.

Htr was written on February 9, 1999

The uncut version...

In the overseas uncut version (I watched the Australian version), more of the scene is kept intact.Along with Douglas ripping up her shirt, feeling her nice breasts, and hiking up her skirt to reveal her bush (it looks questionable as it might be dark panties), this version continues with him bending her over a couch (we see her nice butt), penetrating her, and giving her an orgasm.Great Scene.

FaceMan was written on January 18, 2001

Hard sex scene

Jeanne was barely anybody before Basic Instinct and she's barely anybody after Basic Instinct. But she was hot in the movie. The scene with Douglas takes place around 0:45 when he rips apart her panties and enters her from the rear, she resists initially which adds to the scene. Jeanne's breasts and her butt are visible but the camera concentrates on facial expressions more than skin during this scene which is a shame but still worthy of two stars. Douglas probably had the time of his life.

Romeon5 was written on August 16, 2001

Rip off blouse scene

She's got more or less my favority type of 'curves'. Wish the scene was longer. But for the short while the scene is a pleasure to watch at.

laraa was written on February 1, 2004

jeanne tripplehorn sex scene with michael douglas

jeanne tripplehorn

boba was written on May 1, 2001

Bend over Jeanne

Amazing that this movie could have even more than the Sharon Stone scenes. This one comes first, and is almost as hot. Jeanne will obviously do anything to forward her career, including get manhandled on screen by Michael Douglas. He throws her against a wall, kissing her pouty lips, licking her tongue. Then he feels her chest, as her breasts pop out of her bra. She looks stunned by this. Then he grabs her and throws her across the room into another wall, his hands grasping all over her body. He lifts her skirt, and we get a flash of bush beneath her undies. Then he grabs her nice melons, which are slightly mishapen but still suckable. Then he bends her over a couch and tears off her skirt, revealing her amazing ass. She takes it from behind, hollering in agony. His fingers violate the inside of her mouth. We get another shot of her sitting, slumped shoulders, breasts hanging. Oh Jeanne. You are a slutty one.

The Cleric was written on January 14, 1999

Sex by Force

Sharon Stone gets all the attention, but Jeanne has nice scene where Mike Douglas takes her rather forcefully.

Sharon Stone
Luvmonk was written on November 5, 2002

See This Move - A Skin Classic

Why are you reading this review? Haven't you seen this movie yet? What's wrong with you? This is simply the best Stone skin ever. There is Lesbo kissing, hot sex with full frontal nudity, and on top of that it is one of the best psychological thrillers of ALL TIME.

kimberlyely was written on January 15, 2002

great nudity

Great nudity from Sharon Stone when Micheal Douglas is on top of her sucking her nipples,and then as he goes down on her she arches her back and her pert pointy breast reach for the ceiling!
And yet again as she sats atop of him and rides him you see her beautiful little tits as they point skyward!Great movie!

BigWanker was written on April 15, 2001

Sex scenes

She gets on top and ties Michael Douglas to the bedpost, then they have intercourse. Very sexy scene, you get excellent views of the butt and breasts. I was offset by it though because at the same time I was anxious to see whether she'd murder him or no...
Of course there's also the police interview scene where you can see her genitalia, very quickly though.

TheFan was written on February 26, 2001

Recrossing her legs

One of the few scenes in movies that provokes a collective gasp from the audience, followed by a chorus of Oh-my-Gods, and scattered laughter. The ones who are laughing are the ones who, in my opinion, get it. This is one of the funniest scenes ever filmed: the evil femme fatale deliberately and gleefully taunting her police interrogators, in the most outrageous way you could imagine. The fact that it's glamorous Sharon Stone in the chair makes it all the funnier.

movieguy21 was written on May 25, 2002

Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct

I have both the unrated and the R version of this film, and unlike other films, there isn't a huge difference. You get to see all of Sharon in both versions: Her breasts and butt in several sequences, her bush during the infamous leg crossing scene. There's also another frontal shot when Michael Douglas follows Stone to her house and watches her undress. During the unrated version you get one more brief look at her bush during the big love scene in the middle. This is when Douglas prepares to eat her out and if you get the DVD and work the pause right, you can get a real nice look at Stone, probably the best in the movie.

Werewolf was written on October 4, 1998

Interrogation Scene

The classic beaver shot!

MF Luder was written on October 22, 1998

Interrogation scene, first murder scene

Director's Cut of this film has more nudity. Of course, the scene where she flashes herself in the interrogation is one of the most arousing on film. As for the first sex scene, watching Stone's Character have an orgasm by stabbing her lover is a very erotic scene to watch. And to make the best of it, the movie is good too.

Regis was written on January 10, 1999

All nudity

Be advised that in the opening scene a body double played the womanwho murders her lover (neither Jeanne Tripplehorn nor Sharon Stone did that scene). However, the director makes it up to us with the full nudity of Sharon in the interrogation room, walking around naked at her house, andthe hot sex scene back at her place after a night of dancing. We do get a bit of Tripplehorn as Douglas gets rough with her, but not nearly as muchexposure as we see of Stone.

StevieY was written on August 24, 2000

great nudity

Basic Instinct is an entertaining thriller with lots of hot sex. Stone and Michael Douglas have some very steamy scenes. Sharon looks great, especially her butt early on changing her clothes when Douglas and his partner pick her up and bring her in for questioning (the famous interragation scene)

thefaceman32 was written on October 20, 2003

Gyno (well duh) and Oral

Well everyone knows about the famous open leg shot, but I remember hearing Sharon complained that Michael Douglas' stubble scratched. Well if he is that close, there might have been some Oral contact going on.

00:03:00 Breasts and buns while in bed before killing her prey.

00:22:00 Buns and breasts while changing and Michael Douglas sneaks a peek. Short scene.

00:27:00 The famous crotch shot. Sharon Stone crosses and uncrosses her legs. Quick but nice.

00:44:00 Full nudity as Micheal Douglas watches her undress through a window.

01:11:00 Long scene while making love to Michael Douglas. You get to see breasts and buns. Nice sex scene.

01:43:00 Nice breast shot when she takes of her blouse up against the wall.

02:00:00 Breasts as Sharon Stone rides on top of Michael Douglas.

crazy was written on January 7, 2000

The best sexual thriller of the 90's!!! Wow!!!

Well this is it - the hottest movie of the ninties as far as sex and suspense go. Not only was Sharon Stone very hot but the movie was also very good, and that is a supprise considering Hollywood usually has one without the other. Anyhow, Sharon Stone gives us the famous beaver shot during the interrogation scene. I like the one officer This is a no smoking facility. Then Stone answers What are you gonna do - charge me with smoking as she writhes around sexily in her seat. And after Stone tells Douglas about the ice pick she says Isn't it funny how the subconscious works? Douglas then answers Hilarious! The big sex scene in the UR-version has added footage that never made it to theaters in the USA of Douglas putting his head between Stone's legs doing you know what to her pussy. It also has much more 'sexual movement', as the Director calls it, than in the R-rated version such as thrusting and back arching ect. Also not included in the R-version is some additional footage during the opening scene of the movie wheree the guy is getting stabbed at the same time he is climaxing while Stone is moving up and down on him. I really didn't care for this scene - yuk! I give the movie all four stars for Sharon's full frontal nudity and the rampant sex. The acting was excelent! The character of Catherine Trumell however, is so evil a suductress all testosterone prone guys like myself should take warning and stay away from women such as these - you don't want an ice pick through your nose now do you? Damn!

NudeyDude was written on March 1, 2002

We all know the scene

Personally the scene where she crosses the legs is hyped too much. How about the fact we get to see the rest of her body in the movie. the legs scene is nice but all the sex scenes are great too. If u like shamless nudity you should own this movie if you havent seen it by now then you have been under a rock

Winchester was written on December 22, 1999

Between Sharon's legs...

This one will be long remembered as the film where a mainstream actress appears spreadin' her legs exposing what she hides between'em; O.K. kids, is a dream come true, but i'm still thinking that the scene is too much brief (Better if you see some photographs taken of stage for this scene where her blonde bush is more visible). Also there is a nice, but brief and distant full frontal shot when she takes off her clothes while Michael Sexaddict Douglas spies her through a window. The best of the movie comes later when Miss Tramell and Shooter Curran are having one of wildest sex scene ever made (i bought the director's cut edition of this movie and always see this scene with the pause button ready to be pushed for don't miss any detail. At this edition you may also see a trailer which was not theatrically released 'cause was considered too much erotic for some people, in the trailer, you can briefly see a secuence of Sharon, which doesn't appear even in the director's cut version, where she pulls up her dress before the sex scene... i mean, does it exist a Director's cut for the Director's cut edition??). Way to go, Paul!.. great movie!

zax1 was written on June 14, 2001

Outstanding beauty!

Sharon's first nude performance is when she's undressing. Michael Douglas is taking a peek at her naked butt as she puts on a dress and reveals the side of her left breast. Then comes the famous interrogation scene which needs no details. Later in the movie she takes off her clothes and gives us full frontal. She walks out of the room and shows us her butt before she turn the lights off. Then comes the sex scene with Sharon and Douglas. As he goes down between her legs her breasts are on display. They switch and Sharon goes down on him. They turn around and he starts to thrust her and she moans and cries and eventually screams. They make one last turn as she ties him to the bed and starts to ride him with a great strenght. As she moves her body back and forth you can see her butt till she almost flies up and lands on him. Before they hugg each other there's a nice shot of her butt. They have to kiss and hugg scenes later which has no nudity. The last scene is just a shorter and nicer version of the first sex scene. She's on top and starts to drag her body over him back and forth with many shots at her breasts till she gets an orgasm. Sharon Stone is an outstanding beauty!

muffmate was written on September 19, 2002


Well, what to add to others?! Only to say Kudos to Sharon to be in a roomful of guys (plus the film crew) with no pants on and expose her gorgeous blond bush and lips. With a slow mo, you can even see her wink...
Later in the movie, you see her undress, Michael Douglas watching with a great side shot of her tits and what is clearly a pretty generous golden muff. Sex with Michael Douglas provides a great shot of her firm rack while on her back and a brief shot of her muff before Michael takes his position for a bit of oral. It even looks like he comes up with a shiny nose...... Great performance.

LuvJuggs was written on April 4, 2004

The Crossing of the Legs

I think that this scene is way over hyped. You can very briefly see a little hair, and thats it.

polsen was written on March 20, 2001

spreadin' her legs exposing what she hides between'em

spreadin' her legs exposing what she hides between'em

martinoct was written on May 24, 2002


very nice woman for XX century

jeremyw was written on August 19, 2003


dang this is one of my favorite scenes of all time we see whats between sharons legs

renecone was written on June 2, 2002

in the police station

She is so unreal. The fact that there are several men in the room while she is spread eagle makes the scene great.

halolover was written on September 6, 2006

Holy ****

This scene falls short of what you would see in Pornography

Wynroses @aol.com was written on November 13, 1998

beaver shot

The look on the faces of the detectives doing the interrogation. But the beaver shot is best

Them Cleric was written on January 14, 1999

In Bed with Mike Douglas

Ties up Mike Douglas and has intercourse with him. Nice scene.

Dan was written on January 21, 1999

scenes galore

this is such a great movie, i love seeing Sharon Stone have an orgasm multiple times while having sex with Michael Douglas

nudity_elitist was written on July 20, 2002

I squinted, but to no avail.

Just a quick note about the over-blown hype surrounding the so-called "beaver shot." Maybe it was my television's brightness level or maybe I saw an alternate version but I saw nothing up that skirt but a bunch of shadows. Just how much detail could the rest of you make out?

soulman was written on October 12, 2001

Plenty Of Nudity, Including The Classic Interigation Scene

This is Stone's definitive nude film moment to date. I can't add any more to the previous reviews. If you're one of the 5 Sharon fans who have'nt seen this movie should rent it now.

beefcake was written on August 24, 2000

tons of scenes

Everything of Sharon is shown is this classic, boobies, bush, and ass. If you haven't heard about this movie you must have been living in a cave some where. There is no need for me to describe this film. Let me just say that you see something extra. Go rent this classic!

mario07 was written on May 21, 2002

between her legs

she shows everything but her stomach

superpink13 was written on June 24, 2001

I'm so jealous

Why couldn't I be cast in this movie? I can act better than Douglas. Stone is very much nude for the whole movie. Many long sex scenes worthy of an Oscar.

Kim McKamy
LadySex was written on April 10, 2006

Sharon Stones Body Double

We all know that for the first Scene in the beginning of the film (the mysterious Lady, who kills the man)a Body Double was used as a cover-up: Nobody should see, if Stone or Tripplehorn are the murder. This Body Double is Kim McCamy, more famous as Ashlyn Gere, an adult star. So it is her butt and her breasts you can see in the first scene. n my opinion the butt shots are better than the butt shots of Sharon.

Ashlyn Gere
Ghostwords was written on July 13, 2012

Naked killer

Under the name "Kim McKamy", hardcore porn star Ms Gere doubles for the homicidal Jeanne Tripplehorn (or is the killer Sharon Stone?) at the very start of the movie, showing breasts and butt. Neither actress steered clear of nudity elsewhere in the film, but director Paul Verhoeven was determined we couldn't identify the blonde with the icepick from scene one.

Michael Douglas
pile was written on April 17, 1998

Walking away from bed after sex scene with Sharon Stone.

Mike's butt is rather boney, but I'm sure there are some people who like boney butts, so rock on!

Neptune3 was written on October 7, 2005

Side and rear nudity during sex with Stone

In the Director's Cut of BI, it's pretty clear that Douglas and Stone had to pretty much let all their inhibitions slide during filming. Douglas's rear is shown once when he practically rapes Tripplehorn from behind and then later, with Stone, it's shown many times, both in bed and walking around the bedroom and bathroom. He was in pretty commendable shape for his age and has a nice bod. For juts a few frames (requiring slo-mo or frame-by-frame) the silhouette of his penis can be seen as he climbs on top of Stone. It's chubby and not small. You can see it flop down between her legs. It's a fairly dim scene and shot from pretty far back, so there is no detail, but it's neat to see. Also in one instance, Stone is simulating oral sex and when she moves up, Douglas's thick light brown pubic hair is visible.

jerker was written on September 25, 1999


u get to see his butt three times. first when he takes the brunette in the ass(brief view), next when he has sex with sharon(brief view from top) and a good long view when he is walking to teh bathroom after having sex. it would have been better if u could have seen him humping more, never the less i have jerked off to these steamy sex scenes many times!

MovieCritic2001 was written on November 17, 2001

Douglas is making love to Stone for the first time

At the start of the scene, Douglas is on top of Stone with his pants around his ankles. Even though the scene is rather dark, you can make up the silhouette of Douglas's penis. When he is done with Stone, he gets out of bed and walks to the bathroom naked. This is a long scene of Douglas's butt which is not entirely good looking. It clearly is not firm, but it doesn't sag. You also can see his penis bobbing between his legs if you look carefully as he walks back to the bed.

atomic was written on July 13, 2003

His cockie

His penis is not big but you can see it and that's make this great movie fantastic.

babon was written on August 25, 2000

Well !! What else

What else!! I saw BI last night and saw him show it all.
Michael's dick is available too. The first sex scene (in the director's cut), he on top of Sharon, and for a split second u can make out Michael's semi erect penis flopping out.

hickeyfan was written on June 7, 2013

Could have given 4 stars but...

M Douglas flashes his semi erect penis, while making out with Sharon Stone. Because of the shadow and lighting, I am giving it 3. If it was a clear view, would have been 4. And yes, he also displayes his butt a few times. He Looks GOOD

Bill Cable
Neptune3 was written on October 7, 2005


Cable was a Playgirl model in the mid-seventies and wasn't shy about showing off his body. Here he is the murder victim that starts the whole film rolling. He's shown on his back in bed with Sharon Stone riding on top of him (a brief side view of his body is shown in the refelction of the overhead mirror.) Once he is killed (in gory fashion) police look over his corpse, noting that the bed is covered in cum stains. As a black light scans the sheets for evidence, Cable's meaty flaccid dick and balls can be seen pretty close up and rather clearly, though it is a dark scene.

atomic was written on July 13, 2003

very brief but sexy

This is a very brief but great scene you can see his body and his cock.

sylv was written on November 10, 1998


Brief view of his penis early in the film as the police are investigating his murder.

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