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Ashley Judd's Sexy Filmography

Movies this celebrity has appeared sexy or nude in...

year title
2006 Bug 2 Reviews
2002 Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood 3 Reviews
2001 Someone Like You 2 Reviews
1999 Eye of the Beholder 10 Reviews
1999 Double Jeopardy 25 Reviews
1996 Normal Life 13 Reviews
1996 Norma Jean & Marilyn 23 Reviews
1995 Passion of Darkly Noon, The 10 Reviews
1993 Ruby In Paradise 1 Review

nudity reviews for Ashley Judd member submitted

Bug (2006)
Texasmovieman was written on May 28, 2007

2 sceans

in first scean she is having sex with a psycho guy. but most shots r not face included so looks like bodya double. at end of this scean she gets out of bed and we see full shotmfrom backside shpowing but and side of tits with face. Second scean is for sure her BTW first is at 39 mins second is at 1hr and 36 mins near end of movie. she get fully nude with good shot of tits and even side shot of bush.

vbdirw was written on May 31, 2007

Two scenes, the sex scene and the finale

Seeing this movie was interesting for me because I saw the stage production earlier this year and on stage the Agnes character had extended full frontal nude scenes and I was wondering if (OK I was hoping) Ashley Judd would be as nude in the movie. Unfortunately that didn't happen but there is still a nice taste of Ashley's body. About a third of the way through the movie Ashley and Micheal Shannon have sex and it's done in short cutaway body shots that give some nice topless views, including one nice closeup breast shot. The previous reviewer is correct though that you never see Ashley's face in these shots so a body double is possible, although why she'd use a BD here when she does full nudity later I don't know. FYI, it was after this scene in the stage play where the Agnes character sat full frontally nude for about five minutes as they chatted about bugs but Ashley wears a robe for this scene in the film. At the end of the movie both characters douse themselves with gasoline and just before doing that Ashley pulls off her nightgown showing a semi long shot of her petite but very nice breasts and even a short but nice flash of pubic hair. This is a fairly long topless scene as the finale unravels but it's mostly in a longer shot which is why I only gave it 2 stars.

Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood (2002)
moviestuff was written on July 25, 2003

see through shirt

not really that much to see

sonic007 was written on June 26, 2002

Nipple through lace of nightgown

In a scene where Younger Vivi gets up out of bed to leave her family, she is wearing a white v-necked nightgown with a lace panel at the neckline. This lace panel slips down over Ashley Judd's left breast and you can see he nipple. It is poorly lit and rather quick.
Strangely, a few scenes later she is still in the same nightgown in a bright sun-filled room. In this scene a white gauze patch can be clearly seen through the nightgown covering her nipple. I guess they thought the nipple would not be visible in the low light of the earlier scene and there would be no need to cover it.

herbie was written on September 2, 2002

white v neck gown


Someone Like You (2001)
Chicago was written on June 8, 2002

2 sexy scenes

The previous reviewer's described scenes come at :18.75-:19 and :41-:45 respectively. In the first, he's right...there's no nipple. In the second, she's wearing tight bikini bottoms and a slightly short top but again no nudity. Cute and sexy, though.

Ryan was written on March 29, 2001

A bit of boob

Ashley is clearly naked for her love scene with Greg Kinnear in the film but she generally hugs him close to her not allowing for much breast exposure. However, as they roll around a bit the side of her breasts come briefly into view but it's very quick and there probably isn't even any nipple. Later, she does a cheerleading routine for Hugh Jackman in just a tight tank top and very skimpy panties. She's obviously done real/better nudity elsewhere but the movie is cute and it's one of her best performances (it's also nice to see a genuine sex scene in a romantic comedy).

Eye of the Beholder (1999)
BOD was written on August 23, 2001

none at all

There is no nudity of ashley judd in this movie, unless you count two very quick shots--one on her ass and the other on her breasts...It's so brief that its not enough to even know if it was indeed her ass, or tits.

NDStriken84 was written on January 22, 2001

Right boob, butt

You see the side of her right boob, with nipple, and you see her butt in the same scene, butt the movie sucked ass. Don't rent it, even for nudity. For good nude scenes for Ashley Judd, see Normal Life or Norma Jean & Marilyn.

soulman was written on October 4, 2000

what scenes?

now i think that ashley judd is one of the hottest actresses in hollywood but,just as in the film "the passion of darkly noon", which also sucked to high heaven, the nudity in this film is so brief that it's hardly mentioning.for some major nudity from judd nothing beats the hbo film "norma jean and marilyn".

Dank was written on August 1, 2000

Two very quick shots

There are two very quick shots of Ashley in this movie. One of her nice ass, and one of her tits. I would not recommend this movie to anyone. The movie was terrible and the scenes were way too short.

Senator was written on July 19, 2001

too short to be worth it

she is cute, this movie is not!
You get to see her breast and her butt in this movie... this terrible movie... not worth it, you see less in Double Jeopardy, but it is actually somewhat good!

Studbuzzard was written on February 6, 2000

Ashley is seen from behind

Ms. Judd is first seen from behind. Rather nice of view of her NICE BEHIND.In the second scene you get a quick glance of her breasts as she is getting into a bath. Good shot of her right nipple is you watch closely.

StevieY was written on July 15, 2000

brief nudity

Eye of The Beholder is a strange movie, but has a couple of strong performances from Judd and Ewan McGregor.

There are a couple of brief nude scenes. Judd is seen in a bra and thong panties and later runs out of her house covered in blood and we get a brief look at her curvy butt. When she gets in a bath later on, we get a quick glimpse of her breasts.

Ashley Judd's body gets a 10 from me, but these scenes rate only a 2 since they're so short.

Bootydaddy was written on March 12, 2002

very very brief

You get a shot of her ass about 15 minutes into the movie when she is dumping a body into a lake. Then about 10 minutes later you get to see her boobs very quickly as she is getting into the bath tub.

EdExley was written on January 29, 2000

Some skin

Sure Eye of the Beholder may be excruciating surrealist dud of a film but that doesn't mean that Ashley Judd looks any less attractive. In this incoherent thriller serial killer Judd gets naked twice. The first sighting is of her ass in the rain while she's washing blood off her back and calling out her dead fathers name (don't ask). Next is a scene is of Judd getting into the tub andwe catch a quick glimpse of her breasts.

luCkYpNoi was written on July 26, 2000

ashLey jUdd

in the first scene you see ashley judd's big ol' ass. the second scene you see her reddish erect nipple and breast. she is one how babe!!!

Double Jeopardy (1999)
nudity_elitist was written on July 23, 2001


Here is an example of film-making that makes no sense. If you are going to shoot a scene that is simply gratuitous sex, why would you not show us something gratuitous? Here we have a scene that exists for no reason other than to show some sex, but shows nothing. Other than some partially obscured hints at nudity. Are they actually trying to TEASE us with this lifeless crap? If you want a real tease please refer to Sigourney Weaver in Aliens running around in very thin panties. Don't waste your time with this lunker. I Guarantee that even though you might think you see something, you will walk away with no idea of what Ashley looks like in the buff.

ScreamoKid was written on May 13, 2001

sex on yacht

very brief shot of her butt at first, then breast slightly visible from the side. not a great scene but still worth checking out.

ScottyG159 was written on August 9, 2000

Ashley Judd having sex on the yacht.

Pretty good, though it could be a lot better. Moaning was great.

NudeyDude was written on July 20, 2000

Judd is seen making love to her husband

In this scene Ashley is making love to her husband on a house boat. It is only about 10 minutes into the film. Her breasts are visible but there is only a few breif shots from a straight on view. You see both of them from side angles and the nipples are errect. For better scenes of Ashley rent the Maryilyn Monroe movie.

DanteMPC-2000 was written on July 4, 2005

Brief, but hot sex on a boat

This scene is worth buying the movie alone. Ashley Judd and her husband are seen talking on the deck of the boat. After they kiss, the camera pans across the cabin. At first you can see a couch with clothes scattered across it. Ashley can be heard panting and giggling seductively. As the camera pans into the bedroom, you can see Ashley riding her husband, who is sitting up on a bed. She is swiveling her hips in a circular motion as she holds on to the wall above his head. Her back is very muscular and very sexy. The bedsheets slightly obscure the view but her buttcrack is visible as she rides. Her husband then overtakes her. They are seen falling as she moans loudly in delight. Her breasts are seen pushed up against his chest. As they land, she continues to groan as she adjusts herself while her husband grunts. Her moaning is very loud and erotic. Her breasts can be seen as her husband continues to thrust a few more times. They are of perfect size and are also perfectly round. She finally centers herself on the pillow and holds her husband's face. They talk to each other and kiss. Her husband finally gets off of her and she turns to her side, popping her breast into view.

crankyman was written on December 4, 2000

sex scene on yacht

wow! ashley is 10 different kinds of hot. it may be brief, but it was worth it.

MovieVamp was written on February 29, 2000

Minimum T & A

Though the scene is brief and the view is slight. The medium lighted scene is nice and sensual. Though enough is never enough when it comes to Ms. Judd, this mini view is worth a look. As a side note, the movie was definately worth a watch. So who can complain. Good movie AND Ashley's bod, who could ask for more?

Dank was written on August 1, 2000

Ashley having sex on a boat with her husband.

Brief exposure of her tits with bad lighting. Good moaning from Ashley makes the scene a lot better though.

halolover was written on September 6, 2006

Scene in bed

Not much to see. There are sounds of orgasm but not much that your eyes can feast on...

audiphile was written on August 3, 2004

Slightly dark scene, nips, and top of butt exposed

Basically, the says it all. It's welcome nudity from Ashley who's not shy, and this is rather late in her career, so she certainly didn't have to show anything. It's just light enough to allow you to see her nips. She is still looking good in this movie overall.

boba was written on April 28, 2001

Ashley's back

Ashley is scorching. We don't get much here, but she takes mercy on us and gives us a little breast. We see her riding her husband, her bare back swiveling around. Her back is very defined, much more muscular than her earlier nude scenes, in which she had lots of babyfat. When he flips her onto her back, she moans in delight, as he pushes forward between her legs. She is just so damn beautiful, and very religous, which makes her nude scenes feel even naughtier.

Rudeboy was written on December 31, 2002

Muscular Ashley Has Sex in Yatch

Ashley is Super Sexy in this Sex scene although the scene is dark the Sex is Light,Hot and Romantic. we see the two kissing at first then Ashley takes control by gettiong on top and Riding him as You can see she has a Super Hot Sexy Muscular boddy then before then befor which shows she is a Tuff Chick.

StevieY was written on July 15, 2000

fabulous body

Ashley Judd is on top of her husband in bed and we get good looks at her muscular shoulders and back. There are brief flashes of her boobs and behind.

Ashley is also seen in a pair of tight sweatpants which give a nice view of her shapely buns.

rovingeye was written on October 5, 1999

brief, dark shot

Ashley is breifly seen nude making love to her husband on a boat. She rolls over at one point, and her breasts are visible, but the scene is too short and too dark to be recommended. Check out 'Norma Jean And Marilyn', and 'A Normal Life' for Ashley's BEST nude scenes.

EpicReviewer was written on July 15, 2000

In the boat with her husband

The nudity in this scene is painfully brief. Just a brief glimpse at the top of Ashley's butt and another brief shot of her breasts (both while having sex with the husband). Although it is brief, it is still Ashley Judd. 10 seconds of Ashley Judd nudity is better than a whole hour of most actresses!

Great1 was written on April 22, 2002

Sex scene on a yacht

Ashley is very beautiful,this scene of her making love to her husband is very hot.All I wish is that it was full nudity.

Wolverinefan was written on March 3, 2000

Love Scene

The only skin scene of the film arrives a mere 8 minutes into the movie. Ashley is riding herhusband (played by Bruce Greenwood) when the camera first pans in on the action. We see afleeting glimpse of the top of the crack of her ass as she slides of to the side so her hubby canmount her. This provides a better, although not much less brief, view of her tits. Unfortunately,she's on her back and we can't see her breasts in all of their glory. We are treated, however, tonicely lit views of her very erect nipples. The entire scene lasts perhaps a minute, and is veryanti-climatic as far as love scenes go (although Ashley treats us to a couple of convincing moans).

Senator was written on June 12, 2001

oh for more!

This lady is so great looking... it is just sad that they didn't do more with this scene! At the beginning of the movie there is a love scene with her and her loser of a husband... well, she rides him and you get a great look at her gorgeous muscular back, and when she flips over you get a second or two of breast from the side... nothing to write home about especially since it is so dark... if this could have been played out a little more it would be worth the rental... as it is, and with how bad the movie was otherwise... it really isn't worth it.

Omni was written on July 24, 2000

In bed - overall a big disappointment

This scene isn't all that bad, you briefly see Ashley's tit with little lighting. While the movie is ok, the nudity doesn't even compare to Ashley's other scenes - Normal Life or Norma Jean and Marilyn. Don't see this movie for the nudity.

thinman was written on August 5, 2005

brief rack

We get to see some brief shots of Ashley's rack when they turn around while in the process of making love

JACKONG was written on July 25, 2000

nice breast exposure

she is seen having sex on a boat with her husband.
nice side view of her breast in this one and only nude scene of the movie

BOD was written on February 23, 2000

brief breast and ass shot!!

In the scene where she has sex with her husband, u get to see a very quick glimpse of her ass and her breasts.Not much but the movie is ok. I think she has other movies where her nude scenes are better.Im looking forward to seeing her in future movies especially if the rumors that she sleeps with her leading men are true.If so, she might as well do full frontal next time!

damn_crazy_bastard was written on October 23, 2001

Ride'em cowgirl!

We get to see the top half of her cheeks and a few lingering shots of her breasts during a love-making scene. Easier to see on video (and some clips floating around the net) than in the theaters. It helps that she's a-humpin' when we see it. Does this guy need a stunt double? I'm available!

Ghostwords was written on January 11, 2013

Cabin sex

At 0:07:30, Libby (Ms Judd) is shown making love with her husband (Bruce Greenwood) aboard a yacht. The cabin is very dark, but we see her bare back and the upper part of her butt as she rides him. She then twists to slip underneath him, and there are two brief glimpses of her breasts (primarily the left one), although her upper body is largely in shadow and the guy's right arm gets in the way. Somewhat of a wasted opportunity.

Penis was written on February 18, 2000

Kinda dark, kinda ok

When Ashley is having sex with her husband on their boat, we get to see the top of her ass. Then we can briefly see her breasts. But as her husband gets off of her we get to see a very brief glimpse of frontal nudity. I found that you can see it good on the DVD if you freeze frame it and turn up the brightness a bit.

Normal Life (1996)
x-man was written on November 15, 1998

love scene

Ashley is beautiful. She is bare naked and not afraid to show it!

htr was written on February 12, 1999

Hot sex

In this scene, Ashley is about to get her first orgasm- I think.Anyway, her robber-boyfriend quickly takes off her clothes and then lies on top of her, she's topless and he's tugging her panties away (being a cliched movie sex-scene, it is possible to have sex in your panties in a movie, so you don't get to see her bush).The boyfriend starts thrusting and gives her an orgasm.Nice breasts, good scene.

boba was written on April 25, 2001


Ashley is in perfect form here. This is before she got so skinny, and the bodyfat's just right. She screams and moans and definitely gets into it. Her nipples are nice and pink. You even get a flash of bush, underneath the panties, but it's quick. Some of the other scenes are nice, too.

soulman was written on September 26, 2001

Hot Ashley

Let's face it. Ashley Judd is hot. Period. Especially in this flick where she appears topless in several scenes at best which is good enough since she seem to have gone pass that stage in her career as of late. As one of the previous reviewers stated the extra weight on Ashley really looks good on her. Check this out along with NORMA JEAN AND MARILYN if you want to get a good eyefull of Ashley.

StevieY was written on September 9, 2000

hot sex scenes

Ashley bares her gorgeous body in several hot sex scenes with a mustached Luke Perry. Along with "Norma Jean and Marilyn", probably the best nudity Miss Judd has done in her career.

bungalowbill was written on June 22, 1999

several scene

This movie has several scenes (some sex scnes, some not), that all give great views of Ashleys breasts, which are definately on the list of the most pefect breasts in the world.

freeze was written on August 13, 2001

Luke Perry does it again

boy does Ashley look hot in this movie! Fantastic, I say! You see her trying on police gear naked, and you see her having sex with that ever so stupid Luke Perry, who seems to always get the women. What can I say, Ashley was hot, so check it out.

Cyclone was written on July 9, 2003

Several scenes

First, about 22 minutes in, we get a couple of brief looks at Ashley's nipples while she's on her back after sex. Then, 38 minutes in, we get a very clear look at her terrific breasts, but the view is ruined by the fact that she is slicing up her body with a knife. Moments later, when she's in bed, we get another brief look at her breasts, but again, her cuts ruin the view. 51 minutes in, we get a pair of views of Ashley's tits while she's holding a gun to her head, but one view is distant, and the other view is both obscured and fairly short. Then, 63 minutes in, during a sex scene, we get two brief looks at her nipples, but nothing more. And finally, 71 minutes in, she has one last sex scene, and we get a few brief looks at her breasts once more. Overall, her nudity is really quite weak, since much of her exposure is either quick, or made unappealing by the context of the scenes. However, if you're a fan of Ashley, you should probably check this movie out.

Gordon was written on January 5, 2000

Sex scene and some others

Ashley is really hot in this movie. In the sex scene her boyfriend helps her out of her clothes and then goes about screwing her. It's really nice because you get to see Ashley's tight body and supple breasts as she screams, pants, and groans with each thrust. You get to see her breasts again when she's packing a suitcase, but the sex scene is definitely the best in the movie.

Rudeboy was written on December 31, 2002

HOT,NAKED,SEXY etc........... Ashly

Well the other rexveiwers have saved me time by pretty much wrapping it all up. But id just like to say the scene that i most prefer is when Luke Perry is Shagging the daylight's out of Ashely on The bed while she on Her back is Screaming in Joy Fantastic stuff how does He do it?

Moneyshooter was written on August 14, 2000

Ashley gettin crazy nude

Ashley plays a crazy woman who gets crazy nude. There are four scenes of nudity. Two are her and Luke in bed, one isn't very erotic because she's cutting herself with a knife, and the best scene is after the big bank robbery when she and Luke come home and get nuts in the bedroom. This was the first time Luke was actually able to get her off. Hope to see Ashley get crazy some more.

slavedriver was written on March 16, 2001


No one seems to be remembering the scene where she's dancing around in her panties--TOPLESS--playing with a gun, and rubbing it on her body. It lasts a good long time. She dons a bulletproof vest which briefly covers her tits, but this scene is probably the longest boob exposure of her career...

scanman was written on July 4, 2001

Four or five scenes..

Ashley has four or five topless scenes in this movie, but they're all brief flashes, so nothing really special. I think you see her breasts for a total of 15 seconds.... You'll have to see captures of it to be able to enjoy it.

Norma Jean & Marilyn (1996)
Blues was written on October 29, 1998

nude photo shoot

damn...she looks good

bizzy was written on February 12, 1999

whole movie

Ashley shows her breasts several times throughout the movie;however, there is one scene for a nude photo shoot where we briefly see her bush and she is full frontal from a side angle.Great scene!

beefcake was written on August 26, 2000


WOW! I rented this flick and was pleasantly surprised. Judd shows her boobies 5 times during this movie! During the third scene she shows some bush hair! Judd is a goddess. Everything about her is perfect, especially those breasts. WOW!

moviestuff was written on July 25, 2003

nice boobs

ashely's best work

soulman was written on October 24, 2001

Ashley Shows Her Full Potenial.

This is Ashley's definitive nude performance to date. Excellent front, side and rear view of her fabulous body including a fantasy scene where she's walking around nude in a church full of people and the famous Playboy photo shoot. Now that she's made the big time, I doubt that she'll be doing anything this major anytime soon. Very nice indeed. Check it out.

kingman333 was written on August 27, 1999

Many Scenes

Ashley basically waves around her body throughout the movie. We see her breasts many times, including in a church service(dream), in the pool, and various other places. The real show stopper is the re-creation of the infamous Marlyin Monroe nude photo shoot, where we get a nice look at her vagina as well. If you are lookin for a movie with good, solid nudity, you can't go wrong with this one.

Jorgiebear was written on May 31, 2001

Ashley shows no inhibition

Throughout the movie there are several shots of Ashley revealing her breasts. There's also a scene where we see some butt and trim (she's re-creating the famous Marylin Monroe Playboy photo session). Special Bonus: Stick it out till the end and Mira Sorvino will give you a peak at her headlights too.

Ferox was written on February 2, 2005

Yup, it´s all here...

Apparently, it exists two versions of this movie shot for television. The one I´ve got clocks in at 108 min (PAL). I was kind of worried at first, that some of the (much hailed) nudity would be absent in the shorter version, but fear not potential buyers, because this movie´s got essential Ashley Judd nudity-in fact, her best ever.

We get several long, well lit, excellent nude scenes of this hottie (too bad she´s a feminist... but hey, she does nudity, so fuc-ing a!).

The first one is of her in church-a dream sequence. She recieves communion naked in front of the whole, fully clad, church. We only get topless and brief pubes, but it´s a great scene nevertheless. After that she strips down before taking an evening swim in a pool.

The next nude scene is the best one, hands down. In a magnificent recreation of the legendary Marilyn Monroe Playboy photospread, she shows us the goods. Perfect lighting, angles, lenght, everything.

Next up is a short but absolutely great, and actually wonderfully acted scene, with Ashley flashing her breasts at co-star Ron Rifkin to brighten his day (and boy does it work), before being interrupted by some ugly old lady. This is essential, must-see nudity from one of Hollywoods hottest "stars". She makes crappy movies but as long as she´s naked in them, we could hardly care.

StevieY was written on September 9, 2000

great body

Ashley's beautiful, perky breasts are displayed several times in the movie and in a recreation of Marilyn Monroe's famous Playboy spread, her bush and very cute behind are shown as she's sprawled out on a red velvet rug. Very nice!!

axl was written on November 21, 1999

posing as Marilyn

Ashley poses in a photo shootand you see her breasts and ass and a glimpse of the top of her pubes.

consto was written on June 3, 1999


Besides from the mentioned photo shoot, she lifts her shirt to expose her breasts briefly; has a dream of being in church naked; skinny-dips in a hotel pool; and shows her tits briefly in her dressing room.

Gordon was written on January 5, 2000

Posing for photo session

Ashley (playing the timelessly sexy Marilyn Monroe) is in a nude photo session, and you can see almost every inch of her tight, shapely bod as she gets into all sorts of poses for the camera. You even get a glimpse of her bush for a while. Good nudity of a hot actress, although I still think Marilyn is sexier!

Gordon was written on January 5, 2000

Lifting up shirt

Ashley lifts up her shirt and you can ser her nice breasts.

Gordon was written on January 5, 2000

Lifting up her shirt

Ashley lifts up her shirt, revealing her nice breasts to a guy in bed (and those of us watching). She then crawls onto the guy.

Brokencake was written on December 1, 1999

Top Quality

She is nude a couple times in this movie, the best being of course the photoshoot. Her breasts are the perfect perky type, and her ass is succulent as well. Beautiful skin. As good as it gets short of a Alyssa Milano or Angelina Jolie when it comes to mainstream actresses.

Sexdemonno1 was written on March 31, 2005

Photoshoot is best for judd's jugs

Ashley Judd is a goddess - that is undeniable and undisputed. And with this film she confirms it once and for all.
She is naked several times but the best scene for her is by far the photoshoot where her ass is seen. Her ass is very rarely mentioned but is excellent, round and firm. Her tits are superb and bigger than you'd think too.
She is also nude in a swimming pool which is worth mentioning too. The only bad thing is there's no sex scenes.

Special mention also has to go to Mira Sorvino who has a great ass too. I dont know why people are saying she has saggy tits. YOU DONT EVEN SEE HER TITS YOU MUPPETS SO HOW CAN U SEE IF THEY ARE SAGGY????

This film is amazingly rare anyway - if you see it you are one of the priviliged few. It is like golddust in the UK - I had to get a chinese dvd for godsakes! Thank God I did though.
Judd and Sorvino I salute you!

rachaelleighcookrulz was written on July 11, 2001

nice scenes!!

Definetly a three.She kinda looks a little young too.Her body looks perfect too.Right in the beginning she is sitting in church nude and she walks up and gets communion its cool.A couple other good scenes of her posing.

heywood was written on August 1, 1999

Doesn't get much better than this!

Is there a hotter woman alive than Ashley Judd? The photo session scene is astounding, and I just hope they release this on DVD. Stills from this film are widely available in newsgroups, and well-worth looking for. The opening dream where she is nude in a crowded church service is another great moment.

Tunsa was written on January 9, 2002

Early Marilyn photos

Ashley plays the young Norma Jean in this movie. She is shown as Marilyn doing her early playboy shoot. You see the classic Marilyn Playboy shot on a red silk sheet (multiple poses) and some great views of breast and her cute little ass as she moves into the poses. What a perky, sweet thang she is. She makes you understand why the young Marilyn was such a treat in Hollywood when she was first discoved!

Maxijan was written on September 30, 2000

The photo shoot

You got to see everything; buns, breast and bush. Besides this scene you also have the public nudity scene in the church. Go get this movie if you're fan of this beautiful blond actress.

nudity_elitist was written on April 24, 2002


Ashley has a nice tight body indeed. Her biggest flaw is the out of proportion size of her nipple ends, which stick out like erasers. Huge nipples are not my favorite thing. Best part about the photo scene is how close we come to between-the-legs beaver sighting. She had me squinting with all my might.

babon was written on January 7, 2000

Side frontal shot

U see her pubic hair - she takes off her dress and sits on her knees to pose for Playboy

movieguy21 was written on May 29, 2002

Nice nudity

Although not substantial, there is an abundance of decent nudity throughout this movie. The two 'minor' scenes have good breast shots, the first when Ashley gets into a pool naked, the second when she lifts up her shift to a guy in bed. The two 'major' scenes show a little bit of everything. The first Ashley is imagining she is in a church naked, and you see a good side view of her completely naked body. You can see the top of her bush, but its brief. The other scene is a photo shoot, and you get great looks at her breasts and butt, as well as another brief side view of her bush. It's easy to see here because it's against a red backdrop, and the scene has been captioned many a time.

Passion of Darkly Noon, The (1995)
Bootydaddy was written on February 10, 2002

not much

You get a couple shot of her in wet clothes but thats it, she has done way better. Plus this is a crappy movie, don't waste your time.

Step was written on August 26, 1999

Brief glimpse of her breast.

At the end of the movie Ashley is making out with Viggo Mortenson on their kitchen tableand Ashley's left breast pops out of her top.

moviestuff was written on July 25, 2003

wet shirt

she has done better

renecone was written on June 2, 2002

wet t contest

She is so hot. The scene where her cloths are wet lets your mind drift, and let me tell you, it will drift.

Sexdemonno1 was written on March 31, 2005


This film promised soooo much Judd nudity and delivered NOTHING!

The most you ever see of the Juddster is her wearing a skimpy nightie where you can just see the outline of her breasts. That's it though.
Ample shots of her legs though (think J.Lo in U-Turn and you get the picture of her poses and dresses).

She even has a sex scene with Viggo and they show nada! Unbelievable. Still its a good film despite of this and Brendon Fraser actually ACTS for a change. The ending is great.
Just be prepared for Ashley disappointment in the nudity (or lack of) stakes.

sirgar was written on January 15, 2001

love scene in kitchen

hot even without taking clothes off,but needed more nudity on her part,very interesting movie

espy was written on January 5, 2000

Maybe something but don't blink

Throughout the movie, Ashley skimps around in sexy outfits. You think you're gonna see something but it turns into a tease. At the end there is a sex scene but it jumps back and forth between another scene. Very irritating and unsatisfying, especially if you're working the FF button.

Gibletpie was written on September 29, 2000

Brief see-thru tits and ass

Fairly early in the movie,Ashley's character decides to take a dip in a diaphanous nightie. There's a brief glimpse of her breasts thru the wet material, and a shot of her ass as she leaves the water. Not much, but Ashley looks so lovely in this movie.

sirspread was written on September 28, 2003


not worth a star as all you can make out our her nipples through her damp top....shame as she looks hot

soulman was written on September 27, 2000

don't waste your time on any part of this film.

a film this tame and lame does'nt belong on a site such as cndb.a site on the waste of talented performers yes,but a site such as this,no.

Ruby In Paradise (1993)
slavedriver was written on October 6, 1999

nothing, really

The most we see of her is a view from behind as she rises from bed (strategically avoiding any frontal views) and sits on the edge of the mattress to put on a shirt. All we see is her bare back and maybe a hint of boob, but nothing to spank about.The sex scenes suck as well, as she is pretty lifeless thru the first one, and the second one sees her taking over on top but remaining soundless so it isn't erotic at all. Two sex scenes and no nudity. Go figure.

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