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Anne Hathaway's Sexy Filmography

Movies this celebrity has appeared sexy or nude in...

year title
2012 Les Miserables 1 Review
2011 One Day 1 Review
2010 Love and Other Drugs 5 Reviews
2010 Love And Other Drugs 3 Reviews
2008 Get Smart 1 Review
2005 Havoc 28 Reviews
2005 Brokeback Mountain 10 Reviews

nudity reviews for Anne Hathaway member submitted

Les Miserables (2012)
mcjw2011 was written on March 16, 2013

Left nipple hanging out of dress

I didn't think there was any nudity until I saw the movie again, and most people would miss it completely. It's not a 'blink or miss it' bit, and it takes place after her character sells her hair (and has some teeth removed). Hugh Jackman's Valjean recognizes her, but can not place 'the face'. Before she launches into the "Your foreman sent me away" lyric, it's a medium shot of her moving away from the frame (and the scene is shrouded in shadows and dark color grading). Pay attention during this, most of her left nipple (not all) is visible for several seconds on the lower right frame of the screen as her dress hangs loosely on her shoulders. It doesn't beat her exposure in "Love and Other Drugs", but it's there for completion.

Seriously, once the DVD and Blu-ray come out, pause it and see for yourself.

One Day (2011)
Ghostwords was written on September 3, 2011

Skinny dip

During the 1992 sequence, Ms Hathaway reluctantly joins Sturgess for a midnight dip. She removes her skirt, but we only see her approaching the pool from a distance before jumping in, with her arms crossed over her breasts, and she seems to have kept her knickers on.

Love and Other Drugs (2010)
georgewatsonhaha was written on February 24, 2013


Her breasts are perfect on every level. She is a girl who isn't afraid to show anything.

Lukeroberts4321 was written on April 27, 2013

Very Hot

Anne Hathaway is very naked in this movie. Her boobs are fantastic...her ass is fantastic...her whole body is fantastic. Damn!

slimlayzie was written on June 23, 2013

Amazing breasts and but from this amazing actress.

It's good to be Anne Hathaway. Two Academy Award Nominations and one win, Two Golden Globe nominations and countless other nominations and wins, oh...and she looks like Anne Hathaway!

I have no shame in admitting the giant crush I have on this woman, the only reason I saw Broke Back Mountain was because of her, the reason I first decided to pick up Havoc was because of her, and now we get to "Love and other Drugs", a romantic comedy that gives us yet another glimpse at her amazingness. Breats and ass are on full display, and miss Hathaway rocks killer both. Do check out this otherewise decent drama, and feast your eyes on the lovely Anne's lovelies.

Lukeroberts4321 was written on April 27, 2013


Very hot

Lukeroberts4321 was written on April 27, 2013


Super sexy

Love And Other Drugs (2010)
Dudester was written on November 27, 2010

Bountiful nudity-well lit. God Bless Anne Hathaway !!

To add to the prior review. The first nudity takes place at the 20 minte mark as she pops out a tit for the doctor. Well lit, but only lasts a few seconds. The second nudity comes at the thirty minute mark. She walks in his apartment, wearing only a trench coat. She drops the coat, and we see her, waist up, for a few seconds. Again, well lit. She drops to the floor, but we see her really nice tush for a few seconds as she didn't realizes that her BF's brother is on the couch and saw everything. The next nudity comes at the forty minute mark. Topless, on top having sex with her BF. The scene actually lasts three minutes, but we only get a few shots of her boobs or butt. At one point she's on all fours, facing the camera. From the lighting, she's either shaved, or had a close trim on her kitty. Finally, at the fifty seven minute mark, we get a very brief look at her boobs. God Bless Anne Hathaway.

KevLar was written on November 26, 2010

Her best nudity to date

1ST SCENE: In a doctor's office she exposes her left breast to the doctor and Jake to reveal a spider bite. 2ND: She arives at Jake's appartment and takes her jacket off to reveal both her breasts and more breasts (and possible hidden nudity) as she hits the floor after she realizes she and Jake were not alone in his appartment. 3RD: She and Jake are naked in bed. We see various shots of her breasts and a really nice view of the top half of her butt as she gets on top of him. (Possibility of vaginal area shown). The next three scenes involve various topless shots as she and Jake have sex and make love to each other.

mcjw2011 was written on November 28, 2010

Princess Mia does nude scenes worth waiting for

I'm almost tempted to give Hathaway's scenes a full 4 stars because of the length and duration of her nude scenes. She has a great rack and a nice butt, but she doesn't show her final 'b' (bush or lack thereof) -- if she had shown it like Eva Green or Naomi Watts did, this would've been a rock-solid 4 stars. Regardless, this is her crowning achievement nudity wise (despite "Havoc" and "Brokeback Mountain" being her first nude scenes), so this gets a firm 'buy it' recommendation.

Get Smart (2008)
pernod_chu was written on March 2, 2009

Bra and Panties

Agent 99 (Anne Hathaway) was talking with the chief on a phone by the window, when Max (Steve Carrel)interrupted, Agent 99 turned around, her bath rope was opened, she covered herself in split second, but we could still see pink bra and panties underneath for about 3 seconds

Havoc (2005)
Ghostwords was written on February 5, 2007

Interview in the Daily Mirror, 27-11-06

Referring to her nude scenes in Brokeback Mountain and Havov, but more specifically the latter: "I grew up studying classic painters. They certainly didn't shy away from nudes. I don't find anything morally reprehensible about it. I think it is different to pose in a pair of hot pants on the cover of Stuff magazine. That's comething I'm just not interested in doing."

movieaddict2k6 was written on March 8, 2007

great eraser size nipples

Anne is so hot in the sex scene to get into the gang. Even though she backs out, you still get a good view of her beautiful breasts and her very perky nipples.

banedraven was written on January 2, 2006

Three Scenes To Please!!!

Wow, absolutely shocking when I first seen the three main nude scenes of Anne Hathaway. For years I've been drolling to see anything remotely nude from this (previous) family friendly actress. Now, that's all come true, like a fairy tale.

In the car see shows off some sexy seducing ways to go down, bearing her chest in the pale moonlight.

Teasing the boy the in the another scene by mock masterbating, maybe halfway serious. Her nipples (slightly off center of her aerola) is cleary seen poking up nicely. Very hot scene.

The best scene is in the bed room with the thugs. Both breats clearly shown from several different angles. She gives away some innocence but remains sexy as hell. Also a breif pany shot between her legs.

The movie has more to offer with B. Phillips getting nude too, but in my mind, Anne Hathaway takes the prize.

Four Stars Easily.

Xeyes was written on February 19, 2007


she's in bed with a gang member, and we get the best look at her boobs.Blowjob scene in the car not very good.

swellsystem was written on March 22, 2006

rather a letdown

Anne acts uninhibited, and is fun to watch, but the film-makers (and the hype) have failed us. A few good moments, previously encapsulated here by others, but don't get you hopes up.

mcjw2011 was written on January 20, 2013

Not as good as "Love and Other Drugs", but what isn't?

I think this scene is worth checking out, just because of her playing a slutty tease in this pic. That scene with her top down and fake moaning 'Oh God my nipples are hard' alone is worth 2 stars.

andre44 was written on December 9, 2005

First class boobs

no ffn but best boobs fore ages,top class nipps.

nippy was written on February 21, 2007

some decent views

A couple of good scenes.

Most notably when she is being seduced by the Mexican guy you get view of her nice breasts.

Wolfeman was written on October 24, 2007



j-dawg was written on October 13, 2005

your all wrong

first of all let me tell you what you do see and what you don't see, you see her breast, but that's it. There is no frontal by anne hathaway those we just rumours.

skorpionking was written on November 23, 2005

Un-rated version SUCKS to my expectations

I just saw the un-rated version and I’m disappointed, there’s no additional scenes involving Anne’s nudity in this film and “the hard-core stuff” A.K.A the scene with the vibrator… is just not there, nether a full frontal nudity

You describe a few changes, well; those changes aren’t in the movie, and believe me, I have the un-rated version.

The movie itself is not that bad, and the plot is acceptable
The performance of the actors….. At least to me, seems good

If you going to buy or rent this movie…. Stop dreaming about a full frontal anything from Anne jajajajajajaj.

skorpionking was written on November 23, 2005

To be clear... There's no full frontal anything in the UnCut Version

I just read a review of a guy who claims to saw the Un-Rated version in DVD, borrowed by a friend who works in a Blockbuster. If you really saw the unrated version you’d realise that there’s no vibrator scene, there’s no full frontal nudity, and most of the extended stuff… is just dialog and drugs references.
Quit dreaming, do you really believe those scenes was meant to be seeing… which remains me to Natalie Portman in Closer, but at least, Anne did shows her breasts in this movie.

dav345 was written on May 27, 2006

top half of ass hanging out of jeans

In addition to what the other reviewers said, you see the top half of her ass hanging out of her pants during a fight sequence at the beginning of the movie. If you pause in the right places, those pants are so far down that she may as well be butt naked. I would say this is almost as good as a nude ass scene, but I give it 2 stars because the shots are all brief and you have to use your pause button.

Savman54 was written on September 12, 2006

The entire movie is a jerk fest, but her on the couch and in the sack are the two best scenes.

Nice extended look at Anne's perky teots while she is getting 'inducted' by the latino. Also when she is playing on the couch for her film maker buddy, she exposes brief T & A.

Dogface1961 was written on June 2, 2006

Hot Lady

Anne graces us with great views of her brests several times throughout the movie. and they are beautiful.

mzungu was written on November 28, 2005

Half-way Hathaway

It's the first day of the release of this film and I've got the DVD in my player at this moment, courtesy of Netflix, and I can say categorically that there's no Hathaway bush in this film. As mentioned in other reviews, there are three scenes where her not-inconsiderable rack in on display (9:58, 36:45, and 1:03:54) but no money shot. Judging from the hair on her arms, though, I'd say she's hiding quite a growler under that skirt.

eaglespyharry was written on November 28, 2005

Very disappointing...

Wow, what a disappointment. I thought at least we would get the scene where she is supposed fully nude and gets up to answer the door...NOPE. Decent movie and Anne is lovely to look at but nowhere near as nude as could be hoped..and yes, I watched the unrated version.

Seeraks2 was written on November 30, 2005

I know what's going on.

First of all, Anne has three topless scenes. Bijou's hotter, but back to the subject. Once, Anne takes her top off in a car, and we get a brief look at her nicely shaped princesses. Later on she's seducing(?) a friend, and she exposes an erect nipple for a considerable amount of time. Near the end, she's in bed with a gang member, and we get the best look at her boobs. I gave it a two, because although she's nicely stacked, we never really get a satisfactory look at them.

trippinvideo was written on December 26, 2005

Very Disappointed

1 Star for the boobs.

I only wish that I could have caught a screening of the film like some others did. I would have loved to see the scenes even if they were cut out. I hate that.

Someone is going to have to explain to me why this movie needed to be unrated? For boobs? There was little if any graphic violence. There was a psuedo rape of Bijou but it was hardly violent. Seriously... why is there even an unrated version?

At any rate... this is just another example of how filmmakers hype their film as edgy and ground breaking or whatever. They shoot these wild scenes... and then some suit walks in and wrecks the whole film. They leave all the best parts on the cutting room floor. You know... I think I'm going to get into editing. Then I'll save all those clips and make a compilation DVD with all those nude scenes that uptight suits were scared for you to see. Just sad!

BTW... The ending blows. I was very disappointed. I wish that I had dropped in here right before I bought the DVD. I wouldn't have wasted my money. Oh and I was disappointed in the boob scenes. The first one... good shot of the boobs, but you can't see her face. Second nipple shot... bfd...pathetic. The last and best look was pretty good, but overall it was mediocre.

If I had it to do over again... I wouldn't buy it.

Sinnema was written on December 2, 2005

Breasts (and nothing else)

Anne Hathaway has very nice breasts, and they are seen a few times for a fair amount of time.

But any rumors of her bare butt or frontal nudity are just made up by some idiot. She keeps her pants on through the entire movie. There are no scenes in the movie where she would even have an opportunity to take her pants off.

If you like nice boobs, this is the movie for you. If you are looking for any skin south of the border, forget about it. Those scenes don't (and never did) exist in this movie.

BDLPA was written on September 16, 2007

Multiple Scenes

A few times in the movie Anne shows off her breasts.

adoctorwrites was written on February 17, 2007

blowjob, masturbation, female erection

Ms Hathaway performs 3 nude scenes in this movie.

In the first scene, Ms Hathaway is in the back of a car with a male companion. She removes her top and bra to expose her magnificent breasts before going down on the actor to perform a blowjob. The actors facial expression suggests he ejaculates in her mouth.

In the second scene Ms Hathaway lays on a couch and performs for a video cameraman. She slips down her top to reveal a fully erect nipple, before sliding her right hand down her jeans to masturbate. The pelvic gyrations in this scene are also mastubatory in nature. Her nipple is fully engorged and erect and in such a state represents the equivalent of a full female erection.Such a state cannot be "acted". She is sexually fully aroused in this scene. Look at the shadow her nipple casts and the raised nature of her Glands of Montgomery - wow!!!

In the third scene, Ms Hathaway offers herself up for a gangbang on the roll of a dice, in order to be initiated into a street gang. She rolls a "one" and again exposes her magnificent breasts, giving good views of the front and sides.Unfortunately she cannot go through with the initiation and quickly covers up.

Ms Hathaway is drop dead gorgeous, she has spectacular breasts and for performing a full female erection on film I would rate this with four stars.

Beavis was written on May 21, 2006

Im glad I didnt waste $$$ on the dvd

Anne Hathaway's nice breasts are exposed three times, thats it.

Whoever wrote the original nudity reviews for this should be smacked!
They were either lying or crazy.
I doubt there was even much more nudity in the infamous rough cut of the film that people supposedly saw at free screenings years ago.

I saw Anne Hathaway on the Graham Norton show years before this would be relesesd but the movie had already been filmed, Graham mentioned Anne would be topless in "Havoc" and she said yes but she never said anything about full frontal nudity or graphic sex scenes.

Like some have already said all the lies about Havoc were most probably a pathetic attempt by Media 8 to get people interested in this piece of direct to dvd garbage.

noned was written on November 21, 2009

Devil Ain't wearing no Prada (thank God!)

Beautiful girl with perfect tits. i don't care how many oscar nom's she gets. This is her highpoint

Texasmovieman was written on May 27, 2011

orgy scean

Great face body and sex appel that drives a man nuts

pauser was written on December 10, 2005

We've all been taken


Apparently the reviews leading us all astray that no longer appear here were, in my opinion, written by someone having ties to Media 8's (the DVD distributor) marketing department --sort of a poorman's ad campaign, if you will, for a straight-to-DVD movie that would have otherwise pretty much gone unnoticed.

Read more about all of this in detail here (you may need to register to read this post, but it's well worth it):


She's topless, that's all --unrated, schmunrated, it's all the same

hornyhornyhorny was written on August 5, 2007


i stroked it through the whole movie. a must see!

1spyder was written on March 26, 2006

Only breast shot

She is a hot star, but why not more of her to see. She has a nice set of tata's. Oh well let's wait until another comes along.

Brokeback Mountain (2005)
Ghostwords was written on February 5, 2007

Interview in the Daily Mirror, 27-11-06

Referring to her nude scenes in Brokeback Mountain and Havov, but more specifically the latter: "I grew up studying classic painters. They certainly didn't shy away from nudes. I don't find anything morally reprehensible about it. I think it is different to pose in a pair of hot pants on the cover of Stuff magazine. That's comething I'm just not interested in doing."

Celebologist was written on January 19, 2006

Brief topless shot

Anne continues with the same quick shots of her breasts that she left off in "Havoc". The scene takes place in the back of a car with Anne on top of Jake Gyllenhal who takes off her shirt to quickly lie back down on him so there's about an actual few seconds her breasts are revealed. A short flash, but long enough to see her breasts clearly. It's good to see that her bravery in showing off her incredible body didn't die out with Havoc and hopefully she will continue down this path in future films.

Chazz was written on December 31, 2005


If the lovely Miss Anne Hathaway is determined to simultaneously shed her "good girl" image while proving that she is indeed a worthy actress as evidenced by her willingness to do nudity, I think this great movie will do more for her benefit than the straight-to-DVD, Havoc, did.

Her scene happens about 56 min. into the movie when she takes off her top whilst getting it on with Jake Gyllenhal in backseat of her car. Brief, but good.


rogerebertson was written on January 27, 2006


Not even close. In "Havoc", Anne shows her amazing perfect breasts from every angle you can imagine, from leaning over to give a BJ in the car, to laying flat with her arms stretched out overhead. I doubt we will see anything better from her in the future. This scene in "Brokeback" is as quick as a flash, and blurry. Not worth a look. The movie itself is powerful. Definitely go see it, but don't go looking for Anne's body. Unless you are into men, you will be disappointed.

beowulf644 was written on March 26, 2009

Anne's bouncy tits

Short scene where Anne is in a car with a guy. She reaches back and pulls of her bra and her big titties come bouncing out, a few nice frames of them flopping about and her suckable pink nipples. I would love to have groped and squeezed her nice tits for awhile or even sucked them awhile. Three stars since Anne has such a nice rack.

wireflight was written on December 15, 2006


3 stars mainly because it's Anne Hathaway; 2 stars seemed unfairly harsh, but 3 is maybe a little generous.

Frontal view of phenomenally good-looking breasts!

Very brief scene, though (maybe 2 seconds, at the very most)

Cinephile88 was written on November 26, 2007

(Breasts) Hathaway uses her hot boobs to help levy the minds of pathetic, so called “men” uncomfortable watching a same-sex romance.

Almost halfway into the film, Gyllenhaal’s character is uncomfortably making out with Hathaway’s more eager one in the back seat of a car. She sits on top of him and removes her top, giving us a titillating view of cleave between her bra. She then takes it off, revealing a quick but full view of her juggling breasts. It’s hot but keep in mind this is a somber, landmark film. Nudity (especially female) is fairly trivial.

rogerebertson was written on February 1, 2006

Not even close

Having read the previous review, seen Havoc, and then gone to see Brokeback, I was very disappointed. Ms. Hathaway doesn't even come close to her sexy performance in Havoc. She takes off her shirt for a sneak peak that is so fast and blurry, I doubt even the best "slow" function on your DVD will make a difference. See the movie for itself, but don't count on anything sexy from Anne Hathaway.

anut was written on May 13, 2007

So good

So good and sexy scene

lattara was written on January 10, 2006

Brief breast exposure

Anne is on top of Gyllenhaal in the backseat of a car. She takes off her shirt and then her bra. We see her breasts for maybe two seconds. The lighting is tolerable and the camera angle is interesting (from below and to the right of the action) which gives a moment or two of what might be termed "swingage". For this and because Anne is very lovely, the scene scrapes two stars, but this is scarcely more than a flash.

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