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Amy Smart's Sexy Filmography

Movies this celebrity has appeared sexy or nude in...

year title
2009 Crank 2: High Voltage 2 Reviews
2008 Mirrors 4 Reviews
2006 Crank 3 Reviews
2004 Chrystal 0 Reviews
2000 Road Trip 34 Reviews

nudity reviews for Amy Smart member submitted

Crank 2: High Voltage (2009)
Gothamite1 was written on April 19, 2009

Stripping in a bar.

Back for the sequal to this highly entertaining, yet utter shite franchise, we see her stripping in a seedy bar.
Nice topless shots as she moves around the well lit stage spoiled only by the duct tape on her tits masking her nippler. Cute little X's which may look fun for two seconds, but we could really do without.
Miss Smart (her name, not her career choices) then has an insane sex scene at a race track that out does the first films in everyway... Except for nudity. There is none.
Still, there's likely to be a Crank 3, so here's hoping for some great nudity to top this.

Ghostwords was written on April 21, 2009

Strip club and racecourse

Ms Smart's first appearance is indeed in a seedy club, where her bare breasts are marred by twin "X"s taped over her nipples. Later, she and Jason Stratham indulge in open air sex at a racecourse, when her lower front is digitised for comic effect (she was no doubt wearing knickers) and we have a brief flash of totally bare breasts, although I'm fairly certain we don't see her face in the same shot. One to double-check when the dvd is released, methinks.

Full marks to Ms Smart for agreeing to reprise her role from Crank, whichever the case. She brings a real sense of fun to the movie.

Mirrors (2008)
hornyhornyhorny was written on August 16, 2008


when she gets in the tub you see her naked from behind. and for a split second when she lifts a leg you see her hot cunt

scanman was written on September 22, 2008

Amy's gorgeous backside

Amy get's in the tub and we see her great butt and the side of her left breast for 1 or 2 seconds. Forget what the other reviewer said about seeing something else. He's delusional.

Ghostwords was written on April 21, 2009

In the tub

She has a lovely body, and this is a great chance to see her curvy butt and the site of her left breast.

SamJones was written on July 8, 2009

Rear view of a bathing beauty

Around 45 minutes into the movie, the character played by Amy Smart is shown disrobing infront of the mirror and getting into a bath tub. We see a clear rear view of this attractive lady - a very shapeful butt and a side view of her left breasts. The scene is well lit and lasts for 4-5 seconds.
It is not erotic though, especially since within a few more seconds she is lying in the tub with a dangling jaw, in a pool of blood.

Crank (2006)
Fred05 was written on January 11, 2007

Public sex

To correct the earlier review, Amy appears to have used a body double. Her face cannot be seen during the brief flash of breasts.

However, it IS a very sexy scene, nonetheless. The odd plot has the leading man caught in a situation where he must keep his pulse racing to stay alive, so he almost forces Amy Smart to have sex with him in the middle of a public sidewalk, in front of a crowd. She protests at first, then warms up to the idea, and ends up loving it. The guy bends her over a newspaper rack, pulls down his pants, slaps her bare bottom and takes her hard from behind, while a huge crowd of tourists in Chinatown stare, smile, and cheer them on. Alas, although her skirt is pushed up for the bent-over sex, we see no real nudity from very cute Amy (although the guy shows his ass for a second... big deal). Rent "Road Trip" to see more of Amy.

PhilipSaar was written on January 19, 2007

When Jason Statham rips off the leftside of Amy Smart's Dress

This is when Jason Statham rips off the leftside of Amy Smart's Dress to expose her left ample breast while she was on top of him, in middle of Chinatown. Where they are surounded by mostly Chinese people who just happen to pass by them staring and watching them during this sex scene. (Bad news: Amy Smart's Exposed Left Boob is not hers but the Body Double she hired especially for this scene. I'm not sure why she needed to hire one because she had done nudity before.)

NekkidChix was written on September 11, 2006

Public Sex

Has her top ripped down when having sex with Jason Statham in public at about the 50 minute mark. One boob shown briefly.

Chrystal (2004)
Road Trip (2000)
expert1000 was written on March 30, 2004


Amy has done a couple of movies involving nudity. but this is my freakin pick. She gets nude a little less than a half hour into the movie exposing some breast in some presex show nothing too long but what the hell shes fucking nude.

dvddish was written on March 15, 2003

nice tits

please make another sex scene i be glad to watch! :-)

liechti was written on September 4, 2000

Amy takes of her top

Hot Scene! A must if you love tiny perfect breasts!

IamTheLaw was written on September 20, 2000

Bravo Amy!

Oh yes!In a time where up and coming young actresses like Alicia Silverstone and Neve Cambell won't do nude scenes,comes a very hot,very pretty young actress and shows us some titties.It is short,yes,but very nice.I am looking forward to see more of this girl in the future

Senator was written on September 27, 2001

god damn!

this girl is insanely hot!
She stripps for her soon-to-be boyfriend while "interviewing" him about what he likes in a girl.... my answer... HER!

WOW! I just saw this film, and this scene is hot enough that I am going to add her to my favorites... I hope she does more nudity soon! (or there are other listing for her!)


Cyclone was written on March 10, 2001

Topless scene

We get a clear look at her small breasts fairly early into the movie. An awfully cute woman, and the scene (although short) was well done, but I prefer women with more on top.

soulman was written on May 17, 2002

Not Bad.`

She's the chick who strips and seduces this guy while being videotaped. She has a nice, slim bod and a small (not too small) pair of tits. I know that I haven't stated anything that haven't already been stated by the other reviewers but I just thought that I'd add my 2 cents. Not bad.

Gordon was written on May 17, 2001

Removing top

Amy is damn hot! In this movie she takes off her top while being videotaped, revealing her hot body from the top up. She has a tight body with small, beautiful breasts. Amy is the perfect example that a girl can have a gorgeous body without big breasts, because what they lack in size they make up in shape and firmness.

FoleyRainKing was written on December 25, 2000

Topless early in the film

Amy reveals her small, yet utterly flawless breasts early in the film. While videotaping Josh (Breckin Meyer), she strips down and we get several glipses of her gorgeous breasts. She has kind of small but otherwise perfect breasts; a beautiful girl and a good scene.

dav345 was written on January 11, 2001

locker room scene

In the unrated DVD version, Amy is in the locker room with a bunch of completely nude young girls. You get a couple of nice eyefuls of bush, buns, and breasts of some real sweet looking young things. Amy is completely clothed, but it's still pretty hot to see her chatting nonchalantly with totally nude chicks. This is one of the hottest scenes I have ever seen, and I have seen a lot of nude scenes.

dav345 was written on January 11, 2001

topless in the dorm room

This beautiful blonde strips down to a tiny pair of red panties and stands there for a while. As she walks to the bed, you get just a slight hint of butt cleavage as she adjusts her red panties. Then, she takes off her top to reveal small but beautiful breasts. When a girl looks this good, breast size is pretty much irrelevant. I don't think I've ever seen a chick any cuter than this.

damn_crazy_bastard was written on March 7, 2002

Topless seduction

Aww, you've probably read all the other reviews. It's damned good stuff. Check it out.

signguy was written on June 1, 2001

Dorm Scene

Amy does a little strip tease, revealing small but perky breasts. She has a dancers body. Hope to see more of this girl in the future!

beefcake was written on January 13, 2001


This girl is really pretty. She gets topless in one scene. She has some nice little boobies.

Chicago was written on December 11, 2001

1 scene

After being 'won' in an auction, Amy takes the guy back to her room and undresses while she videos the guy talking about what he looks for in a girl. She drops her skirt revealing her arse in a very small set of panties (about 1" of her crack is above the top for a few seconds) before removing her top at :18.25. She remains topless standing in front of him then moves to be on top of him on the bed, straddling him, as she continues to kiss him (breasts pointing down). The scene lasts 35 sec. Given I'm a little softer rating mainstream actresses, it's a pretty solid 3*.
At :18.25, Amy

heyoyey was written on June 11, 2000

Takes her shirt off

Amy Smart is pretty hot. In this scene she takes her shirt of while her and the guy are making the tape. We get to see her great tits but only for a little while. There's some other nudity in this movie, but none of the girls are as hot as amy.

Chicago was written on December 12, 2001

1 additional scene

Later in the movie, the guy has a dream about his girlfriend seeing him make it with Amy Smart...she's sitting with a couple of her girlfriends on the edge of the bed watching the videotape and at 114.5 there's a 2 sec. cut to the video as Amy's straddled on him topless leaning over for a kiss. A replay of part of her scene at :18.25.

ScreamoKid was written on May 20, 2001

dorm and locker room

in the dorm room, Amy removes her shirt and we get a good view of her tits. it's a nice scene but a bit too short. the locker room scene however is much better. Amy is fully clothed, but she chats with two topless girls nearby. in the director's cut, a completely nude girl walks by revealing full frontal nudity, bush, tits, everthing. after amy chats with the two topless girls near her she walks back revealing her great ass for awhile. you can then see a woman in the background drop a towel revealing her bush for a very short while. after the scene with amy is done, there's an excellent scene with one of the nude woman rubbing lotion on the other. kind of short, but excellent and definatley worth it.

Ghostwords was written on April 21, 2009

Topless seduction

Ms Smart displays her rather lovely breasts , setting in motion the rest of the plot. Very nice indeed.

Skyking was written on July 14, 2000

The locker room scene

Most actress say they will not do nudity unless there's some reason for their character to be nude. The locker room scene was crying out for Amy to be nude. The weird guy who is relaying the story (sorry can't remeber his name)about Amy talking to her locker-room girl friends who happen to be nude gets critized by a female listener. Her complaint is that girls don't stand around talking in the buff. His response is that its his version of the story- Amy's girl friends remain in the nude. SORRY- if it was his version AMY would have been nude too. Here was nudity crying to be displayed. Directors (and actress take note). (ticked me off)

latinluvr1212 was written on April 7, 2001

amy smart topless

Amy Smart is, hands down, the most strikingly beautiful woman on the planet. She is cute, well built, and topless... The scene is a little brief, and you also see a little bit of butt cleavage. Not the longest scene ever, but Amy Smart makes it the best.

mm35 was written on June 16, 2000

brief breasts

We see Amy's tits for roughly 1-2 seconds as she takes her top off, we then see her nipples as she gets on top of the guy but it's dark and not very long. An overall disapointment.

Bootydaddy was written on July 20, 2001

Nice B cups

Amy strips off her shirt very seductivly while interviewing the main character, Josh. She has nice handful sized titties.

thenomansland was written on March 24, 2001

takes shirt of

I this movie amy smart Video tapes her taking of her clothes showing her small Yet extremly beautiful breast. Her and (Josh) make love in the video but we do not see any further than her topless on top making out.

Crovax was written on October 27, 2000

stripping down

The Scene she is stripping down naked in front of the guy, while asking him what he is looking for in a girl!

Omni was written on July 16, 2000

NO locker room scene for Amy; in bed, BRIEFLY

First, the previous review of a locker room scene shouldn't even be mentioned for Amy. She is FULLY clothed, though other women around her aren't. She is nude as she jumps into bed with a guy but her chest is small and nothing special. This scene is only good if you are a fan of hers, as you get to see her first nude scene. Interestingly, the director intended this scene to be the modern version of Phoebe Cates' classic topless walk in Fast Times at Ridgemont High... it doesn't even come close.

anima was written on September 30, 2000

strip with topless

Well, boys. Amy is magnific and this scene too. She has a video-camera and she is recording his boy. Then (the camera is recording) you see his slip from the back and (frontal view) she take her top off: she hasn't very big tits but she's wonderful. Good scene.

skin2win was written on May 23, 2000

Amy takes her top off

This is Amy's Smart's first career nude scene (and hopefully not her last). There are two brief flashes of her perfect B-cup boobies as she takes her top off during a sex scene with her boyfriend. my only complaint was that the scene wasn't longer. This will be much easier to enjoy when the DVD comes out.

mcjw2011 was written on March 13, 2003

Takes off her top in a sex scene

Earlier in the movie (before the famous shower scene), Amy Smart seduces a guy and starts to take off her clothes. She strips down her tank top and panties and lifts up her shirt to reveal her smart, pert titties for a short while. Amy has a lean, attractive body... not as attractive as Kate Hudson, but possesses the same cute charm. Amy's in the shower scene talking to two topless girls but unfortunately she doesn't take off anything in that scene. Oh well.

BigWoody was written on October 14, 2004

Topless. WOW!!!

After being “won” by Breckin Meyer in an auction, Amy takes him back to her dorm room and undresses. Amy lifts off her camisole top and shows her beautiful, shapely tits for a few seconds. Very nice!!! Now that Amy has shown her tits for the first time, hopefully Amy will show her tits more often.

fenix78 was written on August 10, 2008


Topless in just her panties, not bad but the scene could have been longer

rachaelleighcookrulz was written on June 21, 2003

lil hottie

this was very good this chick has a hot body and a tight body at that she takes her shirt of and she has smallish tits but a flat ass stomach not a bad movie either so if u have a chance watch for this part

gordonliu was written on February 15, 2005

Top notch Milkers

This scene is brief but a good career step for Miss Smart. Around 20 minutes into the film she interviews a guy and strips off down to her skimpy red knickers. She is hot and we will hopefully see a lot more of her puppies in the recent future.

Alphonse was written on June 14, 2001


About twenty minutes into the movie, Amy undresses to seduce our main character. First she strips down to panties, revealing a bit of the top of her ass as she walks toward Josh. She then strips off her top, showing us amazingly perfect breasts. Her left breast is pleasantly smaller than the right, and they're absolutely beautiful. The scene is brief, but the lighting is great and the shots are clear. We see her breasts again while she's on top of Josh. Very nice!

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