Amber Newman's Sexy Filmography

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year title
2003 Passion Before Midnight 1 Review
2001 Virtual Girl 2: Virtual Vegas 2 Reviews
2001 Sexual Magic 0 Reviews
2001 Sex Files: Sin in the City 4 Reviews
2001 Regina Pierce Affair, The 0 Reviews
2001 elimiDATE 2 Reviews
2000 Virgins of Sherwood Forest 1 Review
2000 Sex Files: Sexually Bewitched 1 Review
2000 Sex Files: Creating the Perfect Man 1 Review
2000 Scandal: Lawful Entry 1 Review
2000 Scandal: Body of Love 2 Reviews
2000 Night Calls: The Movie, Part 2 1 Review
2000 Erotic Possessions 1 Review
2000 Ancient Desires 1 Review
1999 Timegate: Tales of the Saddle Tramps 2 Reviews
1999 Stripper Wives 1 Review
1999 Sexual Matrix 3 Reviews
1999 Scandal: On the Other Side 5 Reviews
1999 Pleasurecraft 2 Reviews
1999 Dungeon of Desire 3 Reviews
1997 Tender Flesh 2 Reviews
1995 Vamps 2 Reviews
1995 Lap Dancing 0 Reviews

Amber Newman's Sexy TV Shows

TV Shows this celebrity has appeared sexy or nude in...

year title
1994 Erotic Confessions 1 Review

nudity reviews for Amber Newman member submitted

Erotic Confessions (1994)
Chicago was written on January 7, 2003

1 scene in “The Workout”

It’s hard to believe the gal who joins Chona in the steam room in this episode is Amber…but it is. At :02:55-:03:35, naked Amber joins Chona who’s crying/upset and gives her a hug. As the two move to get dressed in the women’s locker room, Amber delivers a brief full frontal shot from a medium distance while getting dressed. Despite the pubes view, her scene squeaks out a 3*…still, she’s unusually cute in this episode.

Passion Before Midnight (2003)
Chicago was written on April 23, 2003

1 scene

Just one scene's ok here as the other girls are attractive. At :17-:20:47, Amber's pink nightie is removed as the guy licks her breasts and she then simu-orals him. He sexes her from on top as she grabs/manhandles her own breasts before the scene cuts to her on top of him then they go at it reverse-seated. After sex, she quickly lies down next to him. 2 1/2*'s and a little disappointing from Amber.

Virtual Girl 2: Virtual Vegas (2001)
Chicago was written on November 11, 2001

1 scene

At 1:10-1:14.25, frigid Amber breaks loose and sexes Jason in a f/m, which moves to a f/f with Susan Featherly, and then the group joins for a f/f/m. Breasts and ass seen.

soulman was written on November 14, 2002

1 Scene.

Newman has one VR sex scene that starts off with Schnuit and ends with a lesbo with Featherly. You get the usual good look at her nice bod though she's has better scenes in other movies.

Sexual Magic (2001)
Sex Files: Sin in the City (2001)
Anton_LaVey was written on June 9, 2001

Sex Scene One

Her mate sits on a chair while she goes topless and watches him lick/worship her long thin legs. Next, Amber turns around and sits with her back to him, and allows him to squeeze and caresses her breasts. Amber stands, bends slightly, and allows him to kiss and lick her ass which is in a thong at this point. Now it's her turn to please him. A very interesting oral scene. Amber's hair is up in a bun (odd for her) and she performs oral on him while sitting in a chair. Not sure what's going on reality wise. But we see a VERY clear shot of Amber's hands over where his member should be, and she bobs up and down. In other words, he's small because there's not much length between her face and his crotch. She spends an ample amount of time down there, and it should be notice that she's standing bent over with her legs spread WIDE apart while performing fellatio. The sex itself begins with Amber doing a frontal cowgirl with him sitting that has decent movement and wonderful facials of Amber in her usual fashion.

Anton_LaVey was written on June 9, 2001

Second scene with guy

She lays upon the bed topless, and allows him to kiss her breasts and then remove her panties. Amber's breasts are shown nicely as she just them and bucks while the male lead licks her moist slit. Erotic facials done here by Amber, very nicely done :-). Afterwards, not much. A extremely brief and lackluster missionary that ends the scene.

Anton_LaVey was written on June 9, 2001

Menage a Troiis With Gina

The male and Amber sit upon a couch and watch Gina do a strip tease. Amber attempting to get things going by stroking his member through his slacks. Amber joins her, the two disrobe and fondle briefly, then join the male on the couch. An incredibly innovative and erotic shot of the male's head between Amber on the right and Gina on the left. His face right between both actresses wonderfully firm breasts. A nice birds eye shot done of the male laying on the couch while BOTH women service his stiff member. Gina gets on top of him in a cowgirl, while Amber sits on the other side of the couch, legs spread WIDE and plays with herself. Gina lays on her back, her head right between Amber's crotch and the guy goes into a missionary. This is followed up as Amber rides him cowgirl with Gina sliding her moist crotch onto his leg and caressing/moving with Amber in tune to the sex. Very nice.

Chicago was written on October 6, 2001

4 scenes

The previous reviewer describes 3 of the 4 scenes but omits one. The first 3 are at :39-:41.5, :49.25-:52.5 and :56.75-:59 (3-some). He misses the fire escape sex scene at 1:10.75-1:16.25 (shared cutaway scene)...various standing sex positions with simu-oral views, mostly breast shots, a couple of erect nip shots (for her they're erect), but also a couple of cleanly-shaven pubis shots.

Regina Pierce Affair, The (2001)
elimiDATE (2001)
BushLeague was written on July 30, 2003

Hot tub party

She goes by another name, but there is no mistaking that face and voice. Takes off her bikini top in a hot tub along with some other girls. A censorship blur covers her tits most of the time, but occasionally you get a good view, no nipples.

Bootydaddy was written on July 31, 2003

if a censor blocks it is it nudity?

please Bushleague ask yourself that question before you post anymore crap reviews.

Virgins of Sherwood Forest (2000)
hitch22 was written on May 2, 2005

A great sex scene

She has a great sex scene in this movie. She just looks amazingly hot and shows plenty of her great boobs.

Sex Files: Sexually Bewitched (2000)
Chicago was written on June 3, 2001

8 scenes

Amber plays the witch’s apprentice in this surprisingly sensual/erotic film. Her first nude scene starts after asking her workaholic fiancé, “You don’t want me to start without you, do you?” After his brush-off, she whips out a vibrator and starts masturbating. The scene at :01.5-:03 is erotic but only shows her left breast (close-ups). At :14.75-:19, Amber has a longer and better scene as her fiancé unwittingly drinks a potion which unleashes his inhibitions. Her breasts and ass are seen, as well as her pubes briefly as they do it from a bunch of positions including doggy, simu-oral and 69; unfortunately, the views are only “decent.” Amber isn’t seen naked again until :45.5-:46.25 where you see her breasts as she unpeels a banana. At :51, she has a medium-distance 15 sec. scene of her breasts while highly aroused on the in the background. At :52.5-:56.25, Amber and J. Quaid get it on, and you see her breasts tight over top of her lingerie…some pube shots as well. At 1:02-1:06.75, you see good views of her breasts as she oils up her chest and goes at it with a guy (some cutaways). At 1:11.75-1:12.25, Amber sits up topless (fully naked, but nothing else is seen) in the kitchen. Finally, at 1:14.75-1:16, she comes out wearing an S&M outfit with her breasts visible between the chains.

Sex Files: Creating the Perfect Man (2000)
Chicago was written on December 5, 2001

1scene while Shauna looks on

At :30.25-:36, Amber has an animated sexual encounter with the Duggan-clone while cantaloupe-breasted Shauna watches and masturbates outside the glass window. Several views of Amber's breasts as she gets it from different positions in the lab, including some bouncing breast shots of her firm silicones. As she goes to get dressed, however, she gives a full frontal view (clean-shaven or nearly) and a shot of her ass.

Scandal: Lawful Entry (2000)
Chicago was written on March 26, 2001

Networks his hard drive

Amber seduces Jason, a computer geek, at 1:00.75-1:03.5…the usual breasts, side ass and a glimpse of her clean shaven pubis. He sexes her from the rear seated and standing, then standing facing before she grinds him on a couch with firm breasts bouncing.

Scandal: Body of Love (2000)
Chicago was written on May 14, 2001

10 scenes

If it wasn't for the volume of Amber's scenes, I'd probably rate this a 2* movie, as she's done much better nudity in other flicks, even as a cameo nude. Actually, it's not all her fault, as too often the scenes are extremely poorly lit (:03, :08.75, :24.25, 1:04.75 - weird scene whcih goes from well-lit to poorly lit to night time level lighting...must have been a solar eclipse!), too short (:18.25), or camera jumping around (:57.5 - though some good views through trees and camera moving). The first decent view of her doesn't come until :36.75...then again at :42.25 (f/f with Nichele, see description under her name), :52 (sweaty, good thrusts), and 1:15.75 (good shots of breasts). Unfortunately, 98% of what you do see is only her breasts...a couple of glimpses of the side of her ass and shadowed bush (1:04.75 scene). The composite is barely 3*...but if you rate for volume, it's a solid 3*. Check out other movies with her having smaller roles.

sandmanoftheendless was written on December 16, 2000

9 seperate scenes

She plays a woman who in her first sex scene screws her hubby to death. She has nice big boobs and they are prominent in every scene. Most of her sex scenes she is riding the guy so you get nice plentiful views of her bouncing boobs. The best scene for me is at the 64 min mark where she starts giving a blowjob to the judge that is hearing the case against her. She then strips revealing good shots of her bush. She then rides him in his chair.

Night Calls: The Movie, Part 2 (2000)
Chicago was written on April 19, 2001

Several scenes; she can’t stop masturbating

At :17-:19.75, Amber is seen bathing with a sponge before getting off with a vibrator—breasts, ass, bush (distant). At :22-:22.75 and :27.25-:30.25, Amber and Doria have a f/f where you see Amber’s breasts in the first cut, then breasts, pubis (only a hint), ass…before a nice full frontal view at the end—clean shaven, lips. There are some copious brief breast scenes of her from a medium distance at :36.25, :37.25, :38.25, & :39.25. At :40.5, there’s a 10 sec. shot of her right breast over the top of her bra as she masturbates. At :4.25, you see her breast from a distance for ~ 5 sec. At 1:05.25, Amber and Doria share a dual masturbation scene which is pretty hot, though all you actually see is breasts and covered pubis. At 1:26.75-1:29.25, there are more copious breast shots as the girls romp in an outdoor tub rubbing money on each other.

Erotic Possessions (2000)
sandmanoftheendless was written on November 26, 2000


During a séance she goes to a room with Mike and proceeds to have sex. The scene alternates between color and B&W. She does a lot of riding him in the sitting position with her nice breasts in view. This is another 4+ minute scene.

Ancient Desires (2000)
Chicago was written on February 13, 2001

Female guides do more than haul packs

Amber and Gabriella play pack mules to two guys who double as jungle prostitutes at night. At :08.5-:13 - both sponge bath in the firelight after carrying packs all day...which moves on to sex (:24-:27.5)...of course! Amber has the better nudity as you see her breasts and ass more frequently and closer up. Unfortunately, the shadows hide her bush in both, but she shows more in other B movies.

Timegate: Tales of the Saddle Tramps (1999)
icebag2 was written on July 4, 2007

Mailing it in

Amber looks pretty skanky in this flick. Her breasts aren’t as good looking as they were in earlier movies, her face is overly made up, and she has a phony western accent that just kills her character. She has one sex scene where we get to see some top rank hip grinding while she’s on top of Nicolas Yff, but this isn’t the movie to get if you want to see the Amber we know and love.

Immy was written on October 29, 2005

R-rated version contains no nudity

Less of a review and more of a warning to avoid the R-rated, 72 minute version. An awesome setup for a threesome between Amber, Shannon Malone and the sheriff is abrupty abandoned before any skin is seen. There was more nudity in the coming attractions prior to the film!

Stripper Wives (1999)
scanman was written on September 28, 2001

A couple of very hot scenes... all lit very well!!

Amber is hot and she likes to show it. In this movie she's having sex with her husband, she's stripping totally naked and she's playing with one of the other girls! All great scenes. Toby Phillips (Paul Thomas) knows how to do these kinds of movies!

Sexual Matrix (1999)
EpicReviewer was written on February 21, 2004

Sex in an alley

Amber's fantasy is to have sex with a stranger in a rainy alley. The scene is a couple of minutes long and you see a lot of her breasts and quite a bit of nearly everything else. She and the stranger have sex in several different positions in the alley, and at one point you could probably see some bush if the rain weren't partially obscuring your view. While the fantasy is going on the action occasionally cuts back to the office where Amber is rubbing her (visible) breasts. There is a lot of Amber to see, but the scene is just OK.

Chicago was written on March 11, 2001

Sex in Alley/Masturbating in Office Chair

At :25.5, Amber has a 2.75 min. nude fantasy scene where she has sex with a guy in a rainy alley...while at the same time pleasuring herself in the office chair (breasts). In the alley, her breasts are on display as the guy gives her oral sex, then they have sex standing up while rain pours down on their naked bodies. Also get to see the top of her ass. Pretty tame for Amber.

coresoft was written on January 6, 2005

Rain scene + interviews

Amber doesn't usually do it for me. I think it's the weirdly shaped implants and dimples that turn me off, but I've never seen her sexier than in this film. She does a good Kathleen Turner/Sharon Stone impression in her interviews, where we see her breasts as she rubs herself. Her scene in the rain with the shopkeeper is probably the hottest in the film and certainly enhanced by her throaty voiceovers and great facial expressions.

Scandal: On the Other Side (1999)
Anton_LaVey was written on August 13, 2001

Not even 5 minutes into the film

Well, this movie doesn't fuck around. Right off the bat Amber is getting sexed up from behind from some dude in a office complex. The sex begins after a horribly lame oral by Amber (all we see is his face in ectasy). Things get interesting as they go into a missinoary with her laying on the desk. Amber turns around and gets it from behind ala doggy, ample shots of her tits. Next up, Amber does a wonderful cowgirl with him on the desk. Erotic shots of her bush, barely clear outer lips, and her breasts are nicely squeezed and mashed for us to enjoy. They end in a squatting fuck position.

Anton_LaVey was written on August 13, 2001

Confessional Sex

Nancy goes onto the talk show afterwards and does a confessional of her watching Amber getting fucked by some dude. Amber is sitting atop a makeup stand while the lucky guy goes down and licks her slit for awhile. Amber makes wonderful facials as usual, and squeezes her tits together for our delight. Hot, but brief shot of Amber's tush as the camera follows her from the floor to the males chest as she does oral onto him in response. Next, Amber stands with her back to the guy and allows him to thrust away via standing doggy. Then it just gets corny. Amber does a cowgirl onto the guy whose in a chair and the chair spins around. Hilarious, but unintentional, and thus, ruins the effect of eroticism. It does, however, show some nice butt, breast, and brief bush shots of Amber. Oh yeah, in the background is Nancy O'Neill watching and towards the end she shoves her hand down her panties.
Overall, decent scene up until the chair shot which just ruined it.

Chicago was written on March 11, 2001

2 scenes

Sandman is dead on w/ his description. I would only add that in her first scene while her pubis is usually covered, there is a clear shot (and some other glimpses) of her clean-shaven area with lips...very nice! Her first scene is 3 min...her second is 2 1/2.

sandmanoftheendless was written on December 28, 2000

Two scenes

She has two sex scenes one at 4mins and the other at 23 mins into the movie. Lots of views of her wonderful boobs as she does every position with each stud.

BushLeague was written on December 21, 2002

Two sex scenes highlight the movie

She is the ugliest, but not that ugly, girl in the movie, but she makes up for it in enthusiasm. Shows tits, thonged and unthonged ass and "W" of unshaved pussy lips briefly during office sex (which goes on a long time). Shows tits and some revolving ass when she simu-sexes in a make up chair/room (also a long scene).

Pleasurecraft (1999)
BushLeague was written on November 16, 2002

Additional ass shots

Shows brief ass cheek while kissing a guy. Another, lowers skirt for a brief ass shot. Shows ass and crack while sitting on a table.

Chicago was written on March 11, 2001

5 scenes

It was hard to recognize Amber in this movie, at first as she looked different than she usually does. At :12.25, Amber, Taimie and Brandy are beckoning a guy while fully nude (frontal). Good shot of Amber as the camera shoots her straight on and then pans up her body revealing her narrowly-shaven mohawk and breasts. At :22.25, the three girls have a 3 1/2 min. 3-some which is more the three of them touching each other than anything. There's a lot of breasts by all, but mostly Taimie and Amber. Amber kisses/sucks Taimie's toes and then kisses her nipple...mostly there to show off Taimie and add to the general nudity. At :38.5, Amber has a 2 1/2 min. nude scene which starts off as her areola and left nip poke over the top of her bra. Then she has a full frontal scene as a guy gives it to her from the rear. Several shots are concentrated on her pubes and even some lips shots. Her best scene. At :41.5, she and Taimie share a topless scene on a towel on the planet...though most of the shots are of Taimie--2 min. At :47.25, Amber lying nude on her back (full frontal) on a blanket in the distance and Brandy is lying on her stomach...then the camera closes in on the two as two guys rub lotion on them. Excellent views of Amber's breasts and pubis (close-up). Some of her best nudity!

Dungeon of Desire (1999)
BushLeague was written on November 16, 2002

Mostly tid bits here and there

Goofy looking, but somehow beautiful brunette with a nice tight body. Strips top of teddy to show 36c tits during a photo shoot. Shows butt in a "T" back while walking away. Tits and brief small puffy, shaved pussy lips while stripping for a bath. Brief tits taking off a robe. Tits and left ass cheeky during a sappho fest. Tits while taking "invisibility" potion. Ass and brief pussy lips while "invisible". Brief tits and ass when come back to visibility.

Antman was written on December 23, 1999

Several excellent scenes

She's the attractive brunette with the shaved pubic area who plays Vickie. (4 min) Fully nude when she & Regina Russell undress one another and pose for Michelle Turner. (16 min) Full frontal shots when she takes off all of her clothes for a long scene in a bathtub with Mia, Michelle Turner and Stella Porter. (21 min) Fully nude in a very nice girl-girl sex scene in bed with Stella Porter. It's a long scene showing both girls in lots of positions. (39 min) Fully nude in bed with Michelle Turner when the two of then make out to distract the captian of the guard. (68 min) Fully nude with Michelle Turner & Regina Russell when they run around and do several things while they are supposed to be invisible. (76 min) Fully nude again in a very nice group sex scene with Michelle Turner, Regina Russell and a guy. She and Michelle are paired up for most of the scene.

Cyclone was written on October 16, 2001

Six scenes

Amber gets totally naked in the opening minutes, when she and Regina Russell are posing for the camera. Then, she joins three other women in the tub, and we get full frontal nudity. She also has three lesbian encounters with two different women, and we get all kinds of exposure in these scenes. And finally, she is naked and invisible in a scene towards the end with two of her female co-stars. She looks great in each scene, and fortunately for us, she seems to get naked frequently.

Tender Flesh (1997)
thefaceman32 was written on October 18, 2003

Full Frontal - Cute

Well Amber has had some more explicit scenes in other movies, but at least she is still cute. I am curious if she knew about Analia'a pee scene when she signed on though?

00:03:00 Nice, long full-frontal dance routine from Amber... Not a whole heck of a lot left to the imagination, there!

00:15:00 Decent look at Amber's ample apples while she bangs Mikail Kronen, then proceeds to have a discussion about metaphysics, or something like that...

01:00:00 Fantastic full-frontal flesh-flash while she gets a massage from Analía. It's full of lesbian-tinged fun, I tell ya!

Sexdemonno1 was written on July 10, 2006

Do NOT get this film

I felt really sorry for Amber having to be in a Jess Franco film - obviously times were tough!

She obviously hadn't heard of his sick, violent, sadistic shit before and she looked rather bemused throughout the whole thing.

She has 4 scenes of note however but her sex scene where she's riding a man is her only truly erotic scene.
The other 3 are topless or full frontal and in one she gets whipped which is pretty sick.

The worst part of this film is a woman pissing into a teacup - i thought it was fake until i looked closer and it was disgusting. If i want to see that I'll hire out some hardcore german rubbish.

Jess Franco ain't a genius and I certainly won't be watching his new films anymore!

Vamps (1995)
Ozzie700 was written on January 15, 2003

Stripping; Cowboy; 4-way

This is a very strange film as they not only avoid male nudity (which isn't that surprising), they also avoid female nudity as often as possible, even though this is set almost entirely in a strip club. Amber does have nudity somewhat frequently, in one of her earliest appearances. From about :8-:10 has her lowering her top to seduce and kill a cowboy, :26-:27 she does a strip onstage which eventually goes full frontal near the end, :42-:43 has her topless again as she begins a 3-way with another stripper vamp and a black soldier which eventually becomes a 4-way with yet another vamp, and :48 is a later breast view after the meal is over.

Ghostwords was written on October 31, 2005


Whilst Amber Newman's hardly forthcoming here in the nudity stakes (the movie probably only had a budget of five bucks), there is one really bizarre shot early where her fully naked body is silhouetted by a light source positioned right between her legs. Guess the sun really does shine out of hers.

Lap Dancing (1995)

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