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Amanda Donohoe's Sexy Filmography

Movies this celebrity has appeared sexy or nude in...

year title
2002 Glory Glory 1 Review
2001 Rock the Boat 1 Review
1990 Paper Mask 4 Reviews
1989 Rainbow, The 10 Reviews
1989 Dark Obsession 3 Reviews
1988 Lair of the White Worm 7 Reviews
1988 Affair in Mind, An 1 Review
1986 Foreign Body 2 Reviews
1986 Castaway 17 Reviews

Amanda Donohoe's Sexy TV Shows

TV Shows this celebrity has appeared sexy or nude in...

year title
2011 Celebrity Naked Ambition 1 Review

nudity reviews for Amanda Donohoe member submitted

Celebrity Naked Ambition (2011)
derek22 was written on May 15, 2011

clips from movies

Amanda is well represented by scenes from "Castaway", "The Rainbow", "Lair of the White Worm".

Glory Glory (2002)
cecil was written on September 17, 2003

sex scene

Sex scene with Steven Bauer, she is on top, and we see the side of her left breast for about one second. She rolls off of him and tries to stay covered, but most of her right breast is exposed for a frame or two. Both are from a medium distance away.

Rock the Boat (2001)
WLoomis was written on November 12, 2001

Upper Chest

The years haven't been too bad to Amanda, even if her hair makes her look like Cousin Itt. While she's in the hospital her boyfriend comes in, lowers her gown around her shoulders. Only part of her chest, but some of that left nipple is peeking out. It's a shame she dropped out of sight the way she did.

Paper Mask (1990)
sirspread was written on September 2, 2003


great film and a good shot of her showing her c-cups.....if you want more of amanda castaway is the film to watch

Serna was written on November 5, 2000

Getting her breath back

Just breasts from Amanda after having a shag.

KDE was written on November 13, 1999

Both Breasts

After giving Paul McGann a seeing to, you get a wonderful clear view of Amanda's perfect breasts.

NetFiend was written on May 16, 1999

Post lovemaking exposure

You get a good eyeful of Amanda's breasts while she is lying down after making love with Paul McGann. The movie is a superb thriller.

Rainbow, The (1989)
axl was written on September 23, 1999

Full frontal

Amanda plays a teacher who seduces a young female student.This show is very boring but Amanda does get full frontal in it a few times.

Dante was written on January 14, 1999

Full frontal frollicking

Good nudity. Boring movie otherwise.

slayer was written on November 1, 1999

full frontal, lesbian scene

godd scene with amanda going full frontal and seducing one of her students for a bit of hot lesbo action

Serna was written on November 5, 2000

Buff running

Full frontal nudity from Amanda, stripping and jumping into the water with Sammi Davis, then playing with her in front of a fire.

DevilSnake was written on August 22, 2000

Amanda bares all with a smile

First she seduces Sammi for a nude swim. Then she massages her while Sammi lies bare-ass on a fur rug, even giving her a playful slap on the rump. Later she drops her nightgown, revealing her fur, and crawls into Sammi's bed, leaving her breasts uncovered while they kiss. In her final nude scene she and Sammi run completely naked in the country showing it all. Chicks will probably love the romance. Guys will want to fast-forward to the skin.

Chicago was written on April 1, 2003

3 scenes

At :21:13-:23:07, Amanda and Sammi get undressed in a dark room (silhoutte of breasts and pubes) before running outside in the rain with an equally naked Sammi; before they get completely to the swimming pool, Amanda turns and kisses Sammi. After the two jump into the water, the scene cuts to Sammi lying on her stomach naked being massaged by Amanda who's sitting upright and naked--medium-distance shot of her breasts. At :42:13-:43:58, Amanda undresses in a moonlit bedroom and gets under the covers with Sammi...some breasts and pubes from a distance followed by a closer shot of her breasts above the covers but in the shadows. At 1:40:30-1:40:40 during Sammi's dream, she imagines an equally naked Amanda running with her in a field up a hill...bouncing breasts and pubes from Amanda to add to the views of Sammi.

Videoass was written on April 29, 2001

Three scenes.

In the first scene she strips with another girl, then they sweem and then Amanda massaging her girlfriend.
In the second scene she strips again and go in the bad.
And in the last scene she running on the fild.
All scenes including full frontal nude, only three stars for short episodes. Better watch "Castaway".

alekhidell was written on July 24, 2000

very nice

About a half hour in, she strips down with the other lady, and they run out the front door fully nude, and the camera is wide enough you see her whole body. Then she hugs and kisses the lady and they run off and you get a nice full back shot of her ass. You can see a little underwater when she jumps in. Then she is sitting nude rubbing that other ladies butt. Later she takes off her night gown and reveals her bush when she gets in bed with the lady. Then near the end, she is seen running fully nude from the front in afield. Multiple times where she isnt wearing a stitch of clothing.

dav345 was written on May 9, 2002

nude....sort of

Her scenes were not as good as Sammi's....although she is a very hot woman. You briefly see her butt and boobs when she runs outdoors with Sammit; later, you see her full frontal nudity from a far distance before she gets in bed with Sammi. You can see some bush, but it's from FAR away. You see her boobs up closer after she is in the bed. At the end of the movie, she is running nude outdoors again, but it's the Sammi show...this chick is hardly noticed by the cameraman, who spends his time lingering on Sammi's nude form, especially from the back (note the scene where Sammi runs up the hill with her boyfriend...sublime). Watch this movie for Sammi's nudity, for sure, but not so much for this chick's nudity.

icebag2 was written on October 23, 2008

Sex educator/predator

She has a face you can’t take your eyes off of, and you know she’s going to end up nude sooner or later. And she does, sooner, then later, and later, and later again. The report? Very nice butt, very nice legs, but the boobs . . . Oh, goodness. They look like they used to be bigger but got deflated. Disappointing. With even average-looking boobs you would wear out the Pause button on your remote, she’s so hot. As it is, she’ll do until Sammi’s bottom (q.v.) comes back on screen.

Dark Obsession (1989)
Gordon was written on February 2, 2000

Being fondled and getting it from behind

A guy fondles and kisses Amanda's breasts and proceeds to bang her from behind while she's on all fours. You get okay looks at her breasts and brier shots of her bush and butt, but nothing very long or clear. The best part of the scene is seeing her writhe with pleasure as the guy thrusts away.

Serna was written on November 5, 2000

From Behind

There’s a great fantasy scene in which first Amanda is getting her breasts felt by a pair of hands and then Gabriel Byrne has sex with her from behind. Her butt is sticking back out at him, looking very smooth and inviting. She does a bit of full frontal later on getting into a bath.

axl was written on September 28, 1999

On all fours

She's on all fours on a bed getting it from behind.You see her muff and breasts.This movie is also known as Dark Obsession.

Lair of the White Worm (1988)
tazzie was written on September 12, 1999

topless with a huge strap on

Amanda appears topless wearing a huge strap-onphallus, and menaces another female co-starwith it. A very strange movie indeed.

Dante was written on January 14, 1999


Wierd movie!

Serna was written on November 5, 2000


She wears some pretty sexy outfits in this weird Ken Russell film (is there any other kind of Ken Russell film?) and does a full frontal scene about an hour in. Shortly after she shows her breasts while licking blood off a kind of phallus.

KDE was written on November 13, 1999


This is certainly a very strange movie, and the scene in which she is topless is not exactly erotic. There are better films to be found.

soulman was written on June 4, 2002

Not That Great.

Donohoe (who co-starred in CASTAWAY (1987), one of my favorite "nude" films where she spent a good 90% of the film in various stages of undress) really holds back in this wierd, but entertaining Ken Russell film. She wears various skimppy outfits and when she does appear nude most of the time she's covered in blue make-up. The phallic-licking shot was interesting while I found the strap-on scene a real trip. Compared to CASTAWAY (nude wise) this is a real disappointment.

DevilSnake was written on August 13, 2000

blue breasts

A nicely wicked performance. She plays a venomous snake-woman. The best scene has her wearing very skimpy black underwear, a flimsy black nightgown and black thigh-high boots. Later she lies naked on a tanning-bed, showing breasts and, very briefly, everything else. In a bizarre hallucination she is topless while licking a bloody phallus. Then, like a good snake, she entrances a girl named Eve. She appears topless and painted blue and threatens Eve's virginity with a huge strap-on dildo.(Ouch!) Weird, yes. But what else did you expect from director Ken Russel?

Chicago was written on October 10, 2002

3 scenes

Others do a good job here on Amanda's nudity, so I'll just add a few specifics and times. At :52.75-:55.25, Amanda is seen lying on a tanning bed...breasts and brief pubes & arse from a medium distance before some better views (mostly shape) of her hanging twins as she props on her elbows. At :57.5, she's seen topless for 5 sec. as shot from the front as she licks the bloody phallus in a wierd dream sequence. At 1:19.75-1:24.5, Amanda walks around the lair topless wearing blue body paint, preparing Catherine Oxenberg to be sacrificed to the worm...and eventually being eaten herself.

Affair in Mind, An (1988)
Tiger Flux was written on January 12, 1999

A rare find

Amanda fans will be extremely pleased by this movie.

Foreign Body (1986)
Serna was written on November 5, 2000

Brief flash

As usual Amanda looks lovely in this but just a brief flash of lingerie and a topless scene don’t make this a classic nude performance for her.

NetFiend was written on May 16, 1999

Open Shirt

Only a brief glimpse of Amanda's breasts as she unbuttons her shirt to be examined by a bogus doctor, but she looks marvellous, though.

Castaway (1986)
farmersdaughter was written on May 16, 2009

Full Body

Amanda Donohoe is naked almost entirely through the second half of this movie. I first saw this movie with my friend and her parents back in 1995 (on VHS). It was in fact my first time seeing an actress bare all. Needless to say, Amanda Donohoe shows her feminine form beautifully in this movie. She's god great breasts (34 C's I'd guess) and wears a full bush. The color of her bush is black and it covers all of her pubic region (her genitals are never exposed in this film). Her buttocks are tight and round. Very hot scenes. I remember this is the first time I saw a blonde woman's pubic hair... and it is dark! My friend later told me that her's came in blonde but later turned brown. I guess Amanda's did too! =)

VincentD1979 was written on October 1, 2004

Abundant nudity

Donohoe exhibits her entire body to this film. The movie starts off with her in scanty outfits and even a scene with her in ther panties and bra, but escalates to fantastic nude moments. Donohoe's nudity begins when she strips her clothes off on a deserted beach. First her black bikini top, then her bikini bottoms, exposing fist her ample breasts, and then her thick black haired bush. lovely lovely lovely

Jules was written on October 23, 1998

nude romping

Amanda is castaway on a tropical island. She spends most of this film completely nude, and you get an eye-full.

Tiger Flux was written on January 12, 1999

Highly recommended

Amanda gives a completely uninhibited performance. - Goddess.

DevilSnake was written on August 19, 2000

boobs, butt and bush on the beach

Amanda, who usually has short,dark hair, looks great with long,blonde locks. Thanks to her for showing nearly every inch of her all-natural body. In fact, she spends so much time nude that the scenes with her wearing skimpy outfits become more erotic. However, this movie lacks a sexual charge. It could have been a good romantic movie for couples, but the fat, hairy Reed and the truly annoying personality of his character kill it. Just fast-forward to the nudity.

axl was written on September 23, 1999

nude on island

Amanda answers an ad to go on an island with Oliver Reed.Once she gets there she gets nude and more or less stays like this throughout the entire film.

Serna was written on November 5, 2000

Nude a lot

Donohoe is nude throughout this film – including full frontal – but there’s no sex. She does better scenes elsewhere.

Gordon was written on May 18, 2001

Nude on the beach

The other reviewers are correct. After getting to the tropical island, Amanda spends almost all her time in some state of nudity--either topless or fully naked. This means we get plenty of opportunities to check out her wonderful body, especially those full, firm breasts.

Bootydaddy was written on July 31, 2001

Practically the whole movie!

Amanda shows off every inch of her body throughout this pretty stupid flick. She has a very nice ass, and some nice sized breasts. She is on this island with Oliver Reed and she runs around naked practically the whole time. Great nudity, crappy movie.

alekhidell was written on June 12, 2000


More full gratuitous nudity than you can poke a stick at. 4 or 5 full nude shots. And most of them are there just to show her choice body. The best scene is where she cant find the guy shes with, so naturally she strips nude and goes out to find him, exposing all to see. Pointless nudity is the best.

Alphonse was written on October 10, 2001


Ms. Donohoe may not have had much of a career (maybe because of this movie?), but she certainly had the body for one. In this movie, she starts off her nude scenes by stripping completely, showing off her nice-sized breasts, pretty nipples, great ass, and nicely-shaped pubes. She then spends much of the next hour in various stages of undress. She's topless in basically every scene. She's underwater, she's bouncing around, etc. This is some unbelievably extensive nudity from an actress who at least ostensibly had some talent.

checker321 was written on April 21, 2002

completly nude nearly all the time

You see Amanda campletly naked nearly all the time during this movie. I like her very much, she is a very beautiful actress with a terrific body. You see her goodies very often and very good, in good light, under the water or wherever you want. Whatch it!

soulman was written on April 22, 2002

The Question Is...

...when is she not nude? Horrible film but it has some of the best nudity in a mainstream film. Great body and not bad on the eyes.

Videoass was written on April 29, 2001

The whole movie!!!

Hello people, i think that Amanda's body is perfect, a little bit slim and her breast is great. On 31 minute of movie she fully undress and then until the end she is not dressing. Only for couple times she put on clothes, but this is very short episode. I bought this movie a week ago, and i very glad for this.

Contepomi was written on September 9, 2005

Complete nudity

As others have already stated, Amanda is naked for much of the film. She has a slim body, a nice pert butt, nice bush and good soft breasts.
Crap film though.

OldChumley was written on September 14, 2000

Pre-island and on island

The anticipation of Amanda's island nudity makes her pre-island scenes even more titillating. Several scenes in panties and bra, and a tease with a marker got me ready for the sight of her exquistite body on the island. The island exposed her from head-to-toe with multiple shots of her perfect breast with uplifted nipples. An interesting aside is her imagined condition complete with shriveled body double. Identity?

damn_crazy_bastard was written on October 23, 2001

Everything you heard is true...

She's nude or nearly nude for most of the movie. Only her doctor has seen more. And she's in fabulous shape. 'Nuff said.

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