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Margo Stilley
bitchesloveme was written on February 14, 2013

Great performance

Margo and Kieran pull off an excellent job in this movie. For some background, the two met after Winterbottom placed an ad for actors willing to do real sex on screen. Margo, who worked for a casting company, was the only female who applied. After having the two meet for the first time, Winterbottom got the two to have sex on day 3 of filming, the sex scene at the end of the movie where we get the most explicit look at the two of them doing the deed. Can you imagine what the two were thinking before they filmed that scene? Winterbottom had kept the two separate, so they didn't form feelings for one another, and now they were being told to have real sex and enjoy it. Kieran takes Margo's shirt off and starts licking her nipples. Thens she slips her thong off and lays over home. The camera shows the two from behind, as Margo takes Kieran's cock (with a condom on) and places it inside her, her labia clearly stretching over the condom. He massages her A-cup tits, then the two start gentle kissing. From behind, you can tell that Kieran has a firm grasp on Margo's beautiful buttcheeks, and is slowly raising her up and down over his massive cock. As she gets hornier, you see her getting wetter around the vagina. Clearly, both are enjoying this. She keeps rocking back and forth on top of him, then you hear her say "please don't stop", almost too inaudibly to be picked up by the microphones. I think this is the best proof that the two were having real sex, as an actual couple would, rather than just acting out the mechanics. He keeps rocking her ass over his cock and she orgasms very loudly. The two then gently kiss on the bed while the camera pans out.

The movie was full of cunnilingus, which is always a nice thing to see. In the middle of the movie, there's a long ~8 minute scene of Kieran eating out Margo, and you can see her nipples are hard and she's actually sweaty, which makes me think that part was 100% real. After teasing her enough that way, she begs him to pound her with his cock. We see Kieran put his condom on, and for his sake, I hope he got to penetrate her for real in that scene (it's not that clear).

Close to the end of the movie, there's a scene where Margo finally repays Kieran for eating her out so many times with a nice blowjob scene. Unfortunately, Winterbottom cuts a lot of it out, and while Margo starts off by sucking Kieran's massive veiny penis, she ends up handjobbing him to ejaculation. As he cums on his stomach, you can see a look on Margo's face, a bit of regret. But then she lays on top of him and they kiss. I think Kieran had a lot of self-control for this scene, as he is clearly pleasured by her blowjob, and any red-blooded male would want to end that by tearing Margo's thong off and fingering her pussy as a thank-you for the blowjob.

Overall, great movie to watch, either by yourself or with a girlfriend. Margo's not the most beautiful woman out there (flat-chested, kinda plain), but she has a beautiful ass, tight pussy, and great moans. Kieran has a nice uncircumcised cock which Margo clearly loves playing with. I think Winterbottom stated that he had over 100 hours of tape, which he then cut to 69 minutes. I hope most of that time was them doing several cuts of the blowjob and vaginal sex scenes, and that some of the scenes were done without condoms as Kieran and Margo clearly enjoyed fucking each other.

scanman was written on February 20, 2005

The most explicit mainstream movie ever!

This is the kind of movie we've been waiting for. Newcomer Margot Stilley shows it all and does it all in this Michael Winterbottom movie. She has about 9 or 10 nudescenes, one even more explicit than the other. In the first sexscenes we see Margot receiving explicit cunniligus, showing her vagina up close, being masturbated by her male co-star and maturbating herself with somekind of toy. In another scene Margot is giving her co-star een good time by playing in the tub with his penis..... using her feet only (all explicit). In the two final scenes you will not believe what you're seeing. First Margot performs oral sex on her male co-star, not forgetting the lower regions (balls). It lasts for a couple of minutes. At the end of the scene Margot is giving him a handjob and he has a real orgasm, coming all over his stomach. The final scene of '9 Songs' shows the two of them having real sex. Margot is on top and you actually see him penetrating her with his full erection (and it's not small I may add). This sexscene is the most explicit I have ever seen in a mainstream movie. It lasts for a couple of minutes.
For mainstream movie nudity, this is THE movie to see!

Coptional was written on April 27, 2005

bondage scene

To me, at least, the most erotic scene in the movie is one of the least explicit. It's about half-way thru when Margot is blindfolded and bound to the bed while receiving some very slow oral sex, followed by intercourse. Her nipples stiffen, her face flushes...this is not a woman who fakes orgasms for the camera. As real as it gets.

jmartin9055 was written on October 26, 2005

Everything--I mean EVERYTHING!

Margot Stilley wanted to do a movie that showed how beautiful love was. She wasn't afraid to show it all! Breasts, full-frontal, onscreen sex! It's crazy!

chazzy_244 was written on September 19, 2005

All sex scenes

In this incredible movie, Margot allows herself to be seen completely...f*cking, giving a blow and hand job, being finger f*cked, using her feet to masturbate her co-star's c*ck, and I really think really coming each time, especially the last f*cking scene where she's riding the guy's c*ck. This is an incredible scene where his c*ck penetrates her and you see from the back her anus and entry of his c*ck into her vagina opening. The other most incrdible scene is where she give him a blow job, then switches to a hand job I guess to avoid a mouthful, and he shoots all over his stomach. She continues to hold his c*ck after he shoots. This movie is wonderful and the scenes are wonderful. But other than the sex part, there is no relationship developed between the actors, and no intelligent dialogue. It's been said to be a "mainstream movie", but I think that the director, Michael Winterbottom is sort o f playing with us, since it's really porn I believe, but porn that we can all see in a mainstream theatre. I wondered what the females in the theatre were thinking during the cum shot especially, as well as the last f*cking scene.

I can't imagine two actors being so involved sexually since they were obviously really really aroused when they only met three days before filming. And I wonder if they ever kissed or hugged before or after sex....imagine finger f*cking and not having any feeling..I can't.

chazzy_244 was written on August 15, 2005

Full penetration at the end of the film

This movie is fantastic. The actors act as though they are true lovers in real life. It is quite obvious that Margot Stilley produces a full blown (literally in one scene) erection for her film lover and that the ease of his penetration into her vagina in the last scene certainly indicates a considerably aroused vagina. It is exciting to see and hear Margot's orgasms, and I have no doubt about them being real, and to see and hear the actor's orgasm, complete with Margot hand producing a good deal of cum on his stomach. He obviously has quite a bit to ejaculate in his real excitement over having a blow job and a hand job on his full erect and also really lovely penis. The view of Margot's vagina is also a treat, as is the view of her ass, anus and vulva while she's being penetrated from below as he lies on his back with her riding his penis. Her orgasm is wonderful and I love knowing that she's having it and feeling it so strongly. She is a lovely young lady and a wonderful actor. Her breasts are small, her ass is full and lovely, and her vulva is really nice when seen swollen with lust. It would be interesting to know more about her personally in terms of her love and sex lives.

Ghostwords was written on September 7, 2005

Method acting

European actresses often seem more at ease with full nudity than their US contemporaries, and now a long line-up which includes Helen Mirren, Emmanuele Beart and Jenny Agutter can add Margot Stilley to the list. Where she goes even further, of course, is performing in real sex acts onscreen, collaborating in easily the most explicit mainstream release ever in the UK. She's pretty, lithe, acts very naturally, appears to give an excellent blow-job and is highly enthusiastic in the final penetration sequence. Hopefully, we'll see more of her - both as an actress and a 21st Century sex icon.

emma31293 was written on October 11, 2010

shows everything

It shows her naked so many times during the movie and including her vagina. I didn't think she was very attractive and her body is average (well in my opinion) but the sex scene at the end is really hot because its actually real and you see his penis go all the way inside her vagina.

lattara was written on March 23, 2005

Above review (I lost count) was by me!

For some reason the database didn't add my name (or anyone's name) to the review under the title 'I lost count'. For the record it was written by me.

bucknakedme was written on December 14, 2005

cowgirl scene or whatever that fucking position is called

its an alright scene, i seen better and closer shots in porn so no big deal for this stupid and short film.

Sexdemonno1 was written on February 5, 2008

Swieez is an IDIOT

If Swieez wants 'bush' then why doesn't he go and rent a Jenna Jameson film? If you want a plotless film with good bands and great sex then see this and don't be put off by that moaning fool. I have a thing for american girls and they're sexy accents and she's stunning. You see her playing with him (didn't do anything for me that), playing with herself, in a bath, dancing sexily showing her nice ass, on top, tied up, below. Only thing that's missing is a side-on doggy shot but never mind. If you want to see what is basically a porn film wrapped up as an 'art' film then go buy this. Let's hope Margot goes far in films. She can't go much furthur then this movie after all! ;-p

mcjw2011 was written on March 10, 2014

Anything less than 4 stars is criminal

Stilley basically shows everything in this film -- and like "In the Realm of the Senses" -- she and her on-screen lover have sex on screen. Sex scenes are great, but I loved the hand-, foot- and blowjob scenes. So hot and realistic.

stalepin was written on September 19, 2005

suck and blow

It`s a long thorough blow job as Margot and man lie together--she on top,he nude,she burrowing into his crotch,kissing around the cock which stiffens slowly as she kisses the tip and shaft lovingly. She holds it tenderly, he gasps (as well he might) and then--her eyeline meeting his/ours sucks it up, swallows it--this is where the scene derails--one,I could get out of my mind that she`s wearing white panites and sheer tights--yuck--and two she gives one of those blowjobs where her fist covers the tip of the penis and she blows down onto her fingers/fist,
fairly slowly blowing him...we dont see lips around it as she blows..also there are arty fades in the scene and its drained of colour--the male actor looks good (darker skin tones) Margot looks terrible (very Jenny Agutter...and crucially not sexy)..pale,flat of chest,crouching over her man and blowing into her fist.
Its explicit--yes we see him ejaculate (or do we--still reckon there couldve been a prosthetic someplace)--but curiously not very sexy.
For sexy blowjobs--watch Baise-Moi and Karen Lancaume.

The tights, the arthouse, the unsexiness of Margot spoil this--its like the sexiness of Body of Evidence. Margot is the Madonna of explicit sex.

swieez was written on December 16, 2005

Lousy movie

This was a Director of Photographer's time to shine, however, he was very meticulous in NOT showing her bush.
He had so many times to do so and with the exception of a few flashes, NOTHING.
Good job of showing her waist, DP.
What a farse.

Kieran O'Brien
Opticon was written on September 13, 2005

Buns, balls, and a 6-inch banger

The nude scenes come thick and fast -- too many to describe in detail. In these secnes Mr. O'Brien's penis is often on display, though the photography is of the grainy, hand-held, videocam variety. Mr. O'Brien's penis is often erect and if graded as small, medium, large, or Clint Walker, it'd probably fall into the "large" category. It's uncircumcized with a barely retracted foreskin and is quite veiny. Mr. O'Brien's sac, however, is disappointingly small and it stays close to his body rather than dangling down. On the other hand, the testicles inside this sac seem to be busily producing sperm because his ejaculation is quite copious. Mr. O'Brien has the usual amount of pubic hair and underarm hair but his chest is virtually hairless and his nipples only routine in size and erectile quality. His buttocks are pleasant in appearance but not showcased as much as one might expect.

emma31293 was written on January 1, 2011

huge uncircumsized penis

Kieran o'brien doesn't get naked as much as his co-star but when he does it is very good. The best, and most explicit part is when you see him get a (real) blow job (he comes), for several seconds you see his penis up close as she starts to touch him. His penis is huge and also uncircumcised. And at the very end you see them have sex, she's on top. The sex is very slow at first but after a bit she starts to go up and down and you can see it from behind. He's wearing a condom and you can see he's a bit big for it. I'm sure for the woman it must have been intense!

ravenboy was written on February 20, 2005

The Full Monty

We see Kieran bare from every angle, member at full mast and ejaculation / ejaculate onscreen. Forget Brown Bunny. This is the ne plus ultra! Oh, and then there are the other scenes.

emma31293 was written on October 24, 2010

Blow job and sex

Ok so you see him naked in a few parts at the end, first it shows him getting a blowjob (and it goes all the way meaning you see him come), and then after that they have sex, you see it from behind and she is on top of him. When he gets a blowjob it shows his penis erect but from far away. But during the sex you can see it better and its HUGE. Very hot.

trackstart was written on July 18, 2011


Kieran O'Brien exposes himself in more ways than one in this lackluster romance. The entire film is about sex, so we get plenty of views of his body. The sex is all real too which a huge plus. Kieran is tan, has a fairly fit build, a nice tan, cute butt, and a surprisingly huge uncut dick. His pubes are fairly thick and dark too.

Possibly the most graphic scene I've seen outside of porn comes more near the end of the time. It's when he gets a blowjob from his female costar. She sucks on his balls, licks his foreskin (he's hard, but it's not pulled bacl), and then starts blowing him. You have to see him while he's getting sucked off. It's so hot. He keeps sucking in his stomach, and breathing harder. They close up on his face, and you can tell she's doing a good job. Then it cuts to a zoom out, and we Kieran creams a huge load on his chest. VERY HOT!

Not an amazing film, but check it out for O'Brien. He's hot, and his ejaculation scene will make your mouth water.

stopdrop was written on January 11, 2011

So hot

O'Brien appears nude through out the entire film. In constant sex scenes and one stripping scene. O'Brien is well built, tan, uncut, with a good size. He has a bit of a scruffy look to him. All of his sex scenes are hot and erotic. The best scene comes near the end of the film. O'Brien gets a bj from his co-star, up close and graphic. We see her going down on him, sucking on his testicles, and licking his foreskin. His expression during the whole scene is fantastic. It's an expression of pure orgasmic joy. And here's the best part, he ejaculates on camera. And alot too. She pulls his foreskin back and forth a bit, and he oozes out, and gives a hot look of satisfaction. Very hot.

GDH was written on March 12, 2005


I suspect this UK film about a young couple's sex (and concert-going) habits will be heavily censored in many jurisdictions! O'Brien appears naked (sometimes in shadowy and/or fleeting shots) frequently in it: first we see his bum and penis (both flaccid and erect) in a sex scene with Margot Stilley; then his penis in the bath as Stilley masturbates him with her feet. When he strips and runs into the sea we get an all-over nude shot; and his bum as he's on all fours on the bed. In another sex scene we see him kneeling on the bed, holding his condom-clad penis in his hand. There's several close-ups of his penis (erect again!) as Stilley gives him a blow-job; this sequence ends with a pleasing full-length (shot from the side) nude view of him as he ejaculates. Later we see a very nice view of his bum, shot from his feet as he lays on the bed; and finally his erect penis as he penetrates Stilley. It's got to be said - O'Brien is definitely built for full-frontal nudity.

fatbysexual was written on December 11, 2005

Sexual Paradise For Everyone

Being a bysexual, I can honestly say that the sex scenes in this are great for both sexs and all sexualities. Keiren O'Brian has a seriously huge penis and a great ass, and his nudity in the film is worth the 4 stars.

Push_the_Button was written on August 7, 2007

Nude throughout most of the film.

Kieran appears naked throughout most of the film, including real penetrative sex with his co-star Margot Stilley. In his first nude scene in the film, Stilley kisses his bare ass, before sliding his foreskin over his erect penis. In a bath scene, Stilley masturbates him with her feet. In another scene, he strips off at the beach and runs into the sea. In another scene, he puts on a condom as he prepares for sex. The best nude scene comes when he is given a blow job. Stilley sucks his testicles, before sucking his dick and moving his foreskin up and down in motion. He eventually ejaculates a heavy load. In his final nude scene, he has full-on penetrative sex with Stilley. He has a great body and a large, uncircumcized penis.

PubicHairandNipples was written on July 31, 2005

Orgasm - nice one, mate!

Kieran, as the other reviewers state, is naked and shows the lot. The really interesting thing is that this is a conventional, non-porn actor, who we see cum.

The best bit has to be when Stilley masturbates O'Brien and we see his orgasm. We get to see the expression on his face, his mouth open, and his sperm lying on his chest. Kieran looks fantastic naked and it's a wonderful orgasm - three cheers for Mr O'Brien!

emma31293 was written on November 23, 2010

So good

OK so my only complaint is that you have to wait a really long time into the movie to see him naked but is definitely worth it. You see him get a blow job and see his erect penis as he ejaculates. And then at the end it shows her on top of him and you can clearly see his penis and its really big. I got really turned on when they had sex because she's a normal girl (non pornographic actress) making love to a man with a large cock. She rides it hard too. HOT.

D666D was written on March 6, 2006

Hard cock and ONSCREEN ejeculation

During a sex scene, we get to seen this totally hot actor full frontal, hard and we even get to watch his cum splatter... shame its hetero! LOL

emma31293 was written on October 11, 2010


At the end of the movie you see him naked a few times. First, there is a blow job scene (and it shows it all the way meaning you see him come), and the they have sex with her on top. Its actually real and you can see his penis going all the way inside of her. In a couple parts it actually shows him fully erect and he's huge.

mcjw2011 was written on March 10, 2014

Like Stilley, he shows everything

He wasn't as handsome when he was younger, but he's still quite nice to look at. Nice pubic hair, nice ass, and an impressive tool (as evidenced by Stilley's wet vulva during the final sex scene). Nice to see a movie give both sexes equal opportunity here, in terms of nudity. Neither O'Brien or Stilley hold nothing back in terms of nudity.

Ghostwords was written on September 7, 2005

Filling Stilley

My main thought in the final sex scene was "Lucky sod", but taking into account the size of his, ahem, performance, no doubt there were a few who thought "Lucky girl".

AmazingQ was written on May 11, 2015


I've always found Kieran super sexy, nice to know he's good at fucking too. Fit body, cute body and a big uncut cock! My favorite part is the blowjob scene. Kieran lets out some sexy moans as Margo talks his big business in her mouth. She must be doing a good job because he keeps sucking in his stomach and moaning uncontrollably. We even see him finish! He shoots out a nice big load. Looks yummy!

hickeyfan was written on June 9, 2013

The previous reviewer says it all

Mr O' Brien is naked and erect a few times, with clear penetration, fellatio and ejaculation.

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